MadeOn Hard Lotion Store

Hello! If you're shaking your head at the concept of "hard lotion," here's a summary: beeswax, shea butter, coconut oil... in a bar. That's all you need to fix dry, cracked skin. Rub it over your skin for instant relief.

Then, I learned that you can alter the amounts and add an ingredient or two, and other skin care products can be created. I named the store "MadeOn:" because we sign and date the products so that you know when it was made.

For my returning customers, I think you'll enjoy this new store experience. First, register so that I can email you specials based on previous purchases. Also, you can tag on a gift note if your purchase is for a friend. Finally, quickly track your shipment from here or come back to download a purchased e-book. It's as easy as... hard lotion.

Renee Harris, owner.