We started our business in a recession... maybe this is the time for you to do the same

"It's actually a great time to start a business," said my husband on one of our many escape walks we've been taking lately.

He has a Master's degree in Economics so watching what this pandemic is doing to our economy has led to some pretty bleak conversations. But this one nugget about starting a business in a recession was an awesome reminder of what we did...

We started our business at the end of 2008, during a recession. With zero experience.

And we're still here!

Reason #2549 to be grateful right now.

Just in case there's a tiny bug in you that's dying to share a skill you have that can help others, or a product idea that would bring value to other people, you might want to simmer that idea a bit and throw it around with people who have already gone before you to pave the way. You could sit and binge-watch Magnum P.I. every night (have you seen the new series??) OR, you could learn from a guy whose ideas we only finally implemented this past January after being in business for over 10 years. It has already set us up for confidently weathering the hard times. 

I have had so many people lately tell me that they're grateful for our products during this time of frequent hand-washing. It's the best feeling in the world that my family actually has something valuable to offer people.

I tuned into a webinar today that reminded me that YOU, %FIRSTNAME% might just have a service, a product idea or something similar that others can benefit from. You can jump in and start a business, but you should first get a bird's eye view of what you really need to do first.

Mike Michalowicz, author of Profit First, was invited by Ultimate Bundles to put on a FREE webinar called 

How to Find the ONE Big Thing You Should be Focused on in Your Business

 I would have loved to have experts like Mike when we first started our business, and I'm excited to hear what he'll say in tomorrow's webinar (he's also hosting one today if you're free!)

Sign up here --> https://ultimatebundles.com/sale/biz2020-webinar-registration?a_aid=a160&a_bid=48b31982 

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