Wood Soap Pallet (choose 1)

Wood Soap Pallet (choose 1)

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Stock up with a 2-pack- one for every sink in the house! Or Choose 1 soap pallet with 1/2 bar soap.

The 1/2 bar of soap is what we have on hand, most likely it will be Milk & Honey (unscented) or Triple Butter Soap (also unscented).

Wooden soap dishes are a must have for any handmade soap user! These soap savers will help your soap last much longer by allowing your handmade soaps to dry between uses.

Made with white oak, these are created to hold the soap on its long side to keep the least amount of contact of soap to deck (otherwise, when it dries, it can stick to the deck and be difficult to remove). Also, this means the soap deck doesn't take over valuable counter space. 

Here's what the soap deck maker says about his handcrafted soap decks:

"White oak is the strongest, most rot-resistant wood in North America and will last for years. Wide, deep grooves allow water to drain away and air to circulate around your bar of soap, extending its useful life. No more “gucky” soap! TIP: If a lot of soap residue does build up on the soap rest, simply toss it into the laundry! Each soap rest is sanded and left unfinished - no oils to go rancid, no finish to wear away."

Did you catch that tip? Throw it in the laundry for easy cleaning (NOT the dryer, however).

These handcrafted wood soap saver dishes are approximately 3/4" x 2" x 3-1/2": the perfect dimensions for your high quality and natural soaps. The top of the plank has ridges to allow the soap to dry quickly between uses. This drying makes your homemade soap last as long as possible. 

You should expect the wood to darken in time as the oils of the soap penetrate the wood.

Please note that since wood is an organic product, no two soap saver dishes will look exactly the same. Even if your soap dish does not look exactly like the one in the photo, the quality will be the same.

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