Avocado Facial Cleansing Bar

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"The avocado facial cleansing bar leaves my skin clean and not dried out. I love the scent and texture." -Rebekka

LIMIT: 3 per order

Avocado oil has been used as a topical oil for skin conditions like psoriasis and in this facial cleansing soap, avocado puree is also added as a healthy fat to a nourishing soap.  The bar size is smaller than our regular bars of soap. 

Real avocado puree plus a recipe high in organic avocado oil combine for super skin nourishment. Made especially for the face.

3.15 oz.

Ingredients: Organic avocado oil, organic coconut oil, organic extra virgin olive oil, raw goat milk, organic shea butter, organic avocado puree, raw honey, vitamin E.


  • Real avocado puree.
  • Avocado absorbs easily into deep skin tissue.
  • The natural color is due to retained chlorophyll of the real, ripe avocado in every bar.
  • The hand-size shape makes them easier to hold and pack for travel in your cosmetic case.

Customer Reviews

Based on 119 reviews
Jeanne Schoettle
Love! Love! Love!

I tried the sample of the avacado face soap and love it! My complexion looks amazing after using this. Menopause wreaked havoc on my skin and this is an answer to prayer. I use the goat milk soaps, lotion bars and this soap for my face. I’m a very happy camper!

Irene Greene
great product

I love this avocado bar. It is now the only thing I wash my face with. It is very gentle, non-drying, and leaves my skin feeling soft and glowy.

Joy J
So Creamy!

It sounds weird, but this soap is smooth, creamy and feels amazing on my skin. I can't use scented soap on my face and this does the trick. It doesn't dry my skin out or leave it feeling itchy. Worth a try!

Non-drying perfection

This has quickly become my favorite facial soap - it leaves my face feeling clean without drying it out. My pores even look smaller. Appreciate that it's not overly harsh and doesn't exacerbate redness from rosacea.

Lynn DeNoia
Great facial!

I have very sensitive skin, especially on my face. I've tried natural oils (coconut, hemp seed) but they either do nothing or irritate a lot. The avocado bar is simply wonderful - it cleanses gently without leaving my skin feeling dry, parched, or irritated.

Ilona Somers
Avocado cleansing bar.

I really like how it cleanses and leaves my face feeling. I was a little nervous using a soap bar on my face, but I am pleasantly surprised.

Great for rosacea

This is great soap for my sensitive, combo and rosacea-prone skin, and my first bar lasted a looooooong time. I am ordering another bar because it's finally almost out and I am a convert! It has been better for me than Cetaphil, and I like that it has much fewer ingredients.

Stella Flores

I suffer from Rosacea so my face is always dry. But during these warm to hot days it needs help. This soap makes my face feel soft and moisturized. .
Love it

perfect face soap

I use to have oily skin, but, over the years, after hormonal changes and pregnancies, my skin can be dry. This face soap doesn't dry my skin out and it leaves my skin feeling soft and clean. I've even used it to wash my hands when my hand soap runs out.