5 Pack Au Chocolat Lotion Bars (Pocket)

  • $35.80

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What's better than an Au Chocolat lotion bar? A pack of 5!

Each lotion bar is .71 ounces, so it's easy to tuck into your purse, pocket, backpack or Christmas stocking. 

Ingredients: beeswax, coconut oil, cocoa butter

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Oh Chocolate!

I love love the smell of chocolate and this hand lotion delivers not just smell but a wonderful coat of softness for your hands, body and face. The smell is strong at first but dies down to a sutle chocolatey fragrance that you can’t help but want to smell over and over again:). I bought the 5 pack to give as gifts to my kiddos teachers. They all loved.

Nice size for gift

Perfect size for a stocking stuffer. Chocolate Scent is mild and not overwhelming.

Super gift

Purchased this as gifts for the chocolate lovers I know. Pairs nicely with the au chocolat lip balm. See the ingredients, this is not actually chocolate, the scent is cocoa butter. I personally I like it as it is more of a natural (clean?) scent. The chocolate lovers definitely approve.

Excellent lotion bar with amazing scent

Excellent, goes on well, smell is fantastic, not over powering. I have never been able to wear smells, lip balm, etc.. tried this in the lip balm was skeptic- fell in love.


purchased these as Valentines gifts for my friends at work. I love the size (big enough to hold on to, small enough to fit most anywhere - purse, desk drawer, cup holder in your car) and the container (no plastic, no possibility of a broken container spilled in your purse or pocket) - but the insides are the best - first there's that wonderful chocolate smell, then there's the soothing relief as you glide it over your tired heels, hands, elbows or legs --- after a lot of handwashing (I work in IT, am always touching someone's keyboard, mouse or computer to fix) - using these hard lotions make my hands feel soft, smooth and supple. And the smell never gets old!