Raw Silk Noil Washcloth

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The texture of raw silk can be surprising. It feels rather stiff, cotton-like, and you can see the little "slubs" in it. This is the NATURAL properties of silk noil. It does however, "loosen up" with repeated washing and use to a very soft and relaxed point. 

Raw silk is covered with the protein sericin which can help heal eczema and other skin breakdowns. Sericin (which you will find is an ingredient in high-end beauty products) is produced by the silkworm when spinning a cocoon. Sericin binds to the keratin of skin, forming a protective film.

*Natural color, no dye or bleach
*Suggested use for facial care: use daily or 2-3 times per week. Moisten washcloth in warm-hot tap water and very gently glide over skin in a circular motion
*Suggested use for body care: use daily in the shower to exfoliate and stimulate circulation

    Customer Reviews

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    love silk noil

    I wasn't sure about these at first, but now I keep buying them. I use it daily in the shower to exfoliate.

    Great Product

    When I first tried the noil raw silk wash cloth, I thought it wasn't going to do much, but boy, was I ever wrong! I used it on my face and rubbed a little too hard because that's what I had to do with a regular wash cloth to exfoliate. The next day I woke up with tender places where I had rubbed my skin raw on my face.

    This wash cloth exfoliates better than anything I've used previously. It leaves my face so soft and smooth. It even got rid of a couple rough patches of skin right under my eyes.

    I'm very pleased with this product. It's a keeper! In fact I plan on ordering a couple more!

    So glad it’s back in stock

    Very very thin, strong gentle scrubbing cloths from a natural holistic source as far as I can tell. After reading reviews I had ordered two of these silk noir cloths at the start. My first impression was that they looked just like my old dust rags and I’d have to be sure to not mix them up or accidentally throw them into that “dirty” wash. Until I used one I did not know how perfect these are! Fantastic and gentle exfoliating! I was so impressed with these practical cloths that on an overnight visit I gave one to my cousin to try and she loved it so much I told her to keep it and I’d order another for myself...but there were not any left! These appear pricey for what you get, but don’t be fooled because they truly do a great job. One at the sink for my face and one in the shower for total body.

    gentle and effective

    I was curious about this for a while. I think I remember watching a video that sort of showed the texture and that was helpful, because I wasn't really sure what to expect. It is a little rough-feeling, but it isn't uncomfortable or anything. I just use it with warm water on my face, and it does make my face so soft and smooth - no redness or anything.

    The only washcloth worth owning.

    I use mine for all but the oiliest spots on the body, for cloth longevity; though I'm thinking of ordering more just to further define the uses. Everyone else has already talked about how great it is for the face (of which I wholly agree.), so I'll mention my other favorite use for it: the legs. It's great for sloughing off the thin patches of dead skin that, at least for me, have always wanted to stick to me rather than come off with traditional bath cloths -- knees, outer thighs, back of the calves, so on.

    Furthermore, I have extremely fine body hair that never grows long enough to make hair removal seem worth it, but are definitely still present enough to the touch to be unattractive. Washing with this cloth practically makes these follicles peach fuzz, soft enough to barely be felt.

    Lastly -- while no replacement for a pumice stone -- regular use on the feet definitely softens any rough heels, soles, or calluses. Makes the return to the stone less like an act of sanding your feet off. :)