Simply Shea Facial Emollient

  • $14.75

When your face feels "tight" from dryness or your skin begins to thin, it's time for daily shea butter treatment. Simply Shea Facial Emollient is a perfect emollient for your dry facial skin. Our shea butter is an ingredient that our DIY customers were already starting to use directly on the face with nourishing results, and we were asked to package it in an easy-to-use container.  We now have the option of added rose hip seed oil, known for its light, skin-protective properties... it's an oil used often in face and hair products.

For best results, apply to your face lightly at night before bedtime.


  • Fix dry or combination skin with a night facial emollient.


  • Naturally refined shea butter
  • Rose hip seed oil


  • 2 ounces

Customer Reviews

Based on 136 reviews
Use it every day!

Love the Shea butter, I use it as moisturizer every day!

I Was Worried I Wouldn't Like This...

I was worried I wouldn't like this because I was afraid it would be too greasy for me. While I do have a sheen on my face before bed after applying this, it doesn't feel icky. I wake up with a nice glow to my skin. I purchased the one with the Rose Hip Oil after reading from different sources how beneficial it was. I should add that I always sleep with a soft towel over my pillow, so I wouldn't know if this would get on a pillow case. Honestly, this product is worth using a towel over the pillow case (if you're concerned about it getting on the pillow case). I can't wait to see how this benefits my face in the long run. Amazing product!

Love it!

Shea Facial Emollient is my go-to facial cream! I have tried many many different ones searching for one that won't break my skin out or dry it out or leave it too oily. This is just perfect! Takes a few minutes to soak in but takes care of my breakouts and dry skin perfectly and smoothly! My 13-yr-old daughter uses it and has the same results. Great product!

So moisturizing!

This shea butter feels so good on my face. Leaves my skin very soft. Highly recommend.


After washing my face at night, I apply Simply Shea and wake up to great feeling skin. I’ve only been using for 1 week and I’m hooked! So far there have been no breakouts from using new product YAY!