5 Pack Beesilk Lotion Bars (Pocket)

  • $31.00

What's better than a Beesilk lotion bar? A pack of 5!

Each lotion bar is .71 ounces, so it's easy to tuck into your purse, pocket, backpack or Christmas stocking. 

Customer Reviews

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Very handy

I just started using them but so far I've got them in several places. I was always misplacing lotion and I need it all the time. I need less now and am looking forward to winter now!

Love them.

I have ordered this several times and am always so pleased with them.

Great for anywhere, anytime - and it works!

These small tins are great for carrying with you any time and for traveling. This product is the best I have found for dry hands, feet, elbow - wherever needed for dry skin. Works well in any climate or season of the year.

Wonderful products!

I am so happy that Wardee from Traditional Cooking School included MadeOn Hard Lotion on one of her AskWardee segments. This is a fabulous product. I wash my hands multiple times a day, and my skin was dry - I struggled with keeping them moisturized (using lotions with water in their list of ingredients). Now, my hands and elbows are soft and supple - after using the hard lotion. I personally lrefer the Citrus scented bar (latest purchase).

5-Pack Beesilk Lotion Bars

I’ve recently discovered how wonderful Beesilk Lotion Bars are for the relief of dry skin. I have tried most lotions from the inexpensive to the highly expensive brands and have had poor results with all of them. One day while strolling threw the internet, I stumbled on MadeOn skin care. i figured, why not give it a try, as it turns out, my skin is healthier than ever! I highly recommend this to those with dry skin.