5 Pack Beesilk Lotion Bars (Pocket)

5 Pack Beesilk Lotion Bars (Pocket)

  • $31.00

What's better than a Beesilk lotion bar? A pack of 5!

Each lotion bar is .71 ounces, so it's easy to tuck into your purse, pocket, backpack or Christmas stocking. 

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Food service worker approved

Love, love, love!!! I am a food service worker and struggle constantly, but especially in winter, with dry, painful, red, cracking hands. The beeswax in this product really gives it staying power. Thank you!

At 8500ft up....

My skin is dryyyyyy!
The lotion bars have helped so much because the lotion doesn't stay "wet" or greasy. I can wear my warm gloves with lotion on and not feel icky in the gloves. Plus, living in the snow, lotion kinda keeps your skin cold. Not so with the lotion bar.


This is an excellent product! It brought me relief from a severe case of excema on my hands and wrists. I’ve tried prescription salves and steroids, and this “hard lotion”has worked more effectively than all of those medications combined. I know that the company cannot tout their product as a cure, but it’s certainly been a blessing for me. Try it! Worth every penny!

great deal

This is a great buy! I have really dry hands and feet when it's really bad I will put a good amount on and wrap plastic around my feet lol or put plastic gloves on my hands at night.

Bee Silk is amazing!!!

I ordered the 5 pack to give to my friends...it was hard to part with them since I have become so addicted to the Bee Silk bars! My gal friends all suffer with cracked hands and fingers during really cold weather. I haven't tried anything that helps as much as Bee Silk! I love all the 'flavors' and fragrances and sure appreciate the purity and care that goes into each product. Thank you Renee!