Beesilk Lotion Bar (unscented)

  • $13.75

When it comes to dry, cracked skin and fingers and heels that split and crack from hard work, the Beesilk hard lotion bar is your easy, long-lasting fix. No more greasy and smelly lotion necessary. This bar is scent-free, and is also free of preservatives and additives that can irritate the skin. Only 3 ingredients!

Solid at room temperature, the Beesilk hard lotion bar is designed to specifically protect and smooth over dry, cracked skin.

Ingredients: 76 degree coconut oil, unbleached beeswax, naturally refined shea butter.

Customers prefer this bar for relieving the symptoms of eczema and psoriasis (see reviews).

Customer Reviews

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Lotion bee balm bar

Very soothing and very nice.

What really is the point of this?

Look, I like your product and have been using it, I guess, for at least three years. This review stuff is annoying. So, right now I will use this platform to discuss the changes or additions to your business that I find distressing and down right revolting. First the additional use of plastic packaging you initially did not use. Secondly the aggressive sales pitches after an order has been placed. Thirdly the appearance of a pop-up ad during this review. And finally the review itself.

Look, I or anyone can only use so much product. Why isn't it enough to be a long-standing return customer? Please don't ask me to do this again.

Two enthusiastic thumbs up!

I love the bee silk hard lotion. It’s easy to use and works wonders on my dry skin!


Nice but very tiny!

Loved it!

The unscented Bee Silk Lotion Bar was exactly what I was looking for. It has the perfect consistency and melts nicely. The natural beeswax smell is quite lovely. I've already purchased another and will definitely be back for more.