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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "I am enjoying these wonderful bars. They work so well on my hands and cuticles. They clear up within a day and feel so soft." -Dianne

For those who love the dry-skin-fighting action of our hard lotion bars, meet our naturally-scented Beesilk Bars. These bars are sold seasonally and include the added power of essential oils. Check the drop-down menu for choices.

Pocket Size: .71 ounces

Lavender Lotion Bar Ingredients (seasonal): beeswax, 76 degree coconut oil, naturally refined shea butter, lavender essential oil

Au Chocolat Lotion Bar Ingredients (seasonal): beeswax, 76 degree coconut oil, cocoa butter (in pocket, large and refill, for a limited time) Find the sticks here

Frankincense & Myrrh (seasonal, Christmas): beeswax, 76 degree coconut oil, naturally refined shea butter, essential oils of frankincense, myrrh, & clove, gold mica 

Frank & Ylang (seasonal): beeswax, 76 degree coconut oil, naturally refined shea butter, essential oils of frankincense, ylang ylang, bergamot

Vanilla lotion bar (seasonal): beeswax,  76 degree & fractionated coconut oil, naturally refined shea butter, natural vanilla oil

Lavender/Grapefruit Lotion Bar Ingredients (seasonal): beeswax, 76 degree coconut oil, naturally refined shea butter, lavender & grapefruit* essential oils

Fir Needle/Christmas Wreath Lotion Bar (seasonal):  beeswax,  76 degree & fractionated coconut oil, naturally refined shea butter, essential oils of fir needle, pine, cedar and frankincense

*Be aware that grapefruit essential can be phototoxic on sensitive skin and it's best to keep your grapefruit-kissed lotion skin out of the sun.

Find Frankincense & Myrrh Lotion Sticks here:  https://store.hardlotion.com/products/lotion-stick?variant=13677093453869

Customer Reviews

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The Pearl
Great smelling bar

This is really hard and needs to be warmed between my palms before using. Leaves a nice scent and my skin looks moist after using. The effects are long lasting. The only drawback is how small it is.

Sunny Blakesley
Love the lavender Lotion Bar!

I absolutely love the scent and feel of the Lavender Hard Lotion bar! It’s like a mini spa retreat right in the palm of my hand. Highly recommend l!

Laura S.
Au Chocolat

Boy am I in love with the au Chocolat bars! I think I like it even better than the original bee silk bar. Smooth and velvety an the smell is to die for. I use it from head to toe on my body, including my face! I love the big size bars, the two refills that come together, good price and the big size is so easy to use. Just as an aside, in this photo I've also used the second life hair butter, I'm a big fan.

Fun New Way to Use Lotion

I received a lavender bar (shipping not included) with a free promo code from Ultimate Bundles. I've never used hard lotion before, and it's fun! I've had a hand lotion habit ever since I turned 30 a little over a decade ago, and an older friend warned me to start hydrating. I like how relaxing this bar smells for bedtime, and I really like how well hydrated the backs of my hands feel. It doesn't disappear quickly as some store bought liquid lotions can do. It also comes in a cute little container that can be used for so many uses once the bar is used up. Last but not least, right after I placed my order (also decided to try a mystery bag as who can resist the word mystery?) I received an e-mail from the owner asking for some info about me to determine my skin care needs which I always think is a nice touch.


This works great on my elbows since they are very dry and cracked. I like how smooth it feels.

c yandrus
only lotion I use

I can't use store chemical lotion because of asthma and allergies. These naturally scented lotion bars cause no reactions; except smooth hydrated skin and lips that smell great!

Juliana English

This is my first time ordering the scented hard lotions and I couldn't be happier! I got the Frankincense & Myrrh bar, and the Lavender Grapefruit bar. They are both wonderful and I will definitely be ordering these again!

Fir Needle is my new fave!

Generally, I strongly dislike “pine” scent. I received a sample of Fir Needle in my last order and immediately ordered a pocket bar. It smells like I’m walking through an evergreen forest on a carpet of needles. I love it so much!

Lisa M
Great product!

Love to treat myself with this lotion bar! Fragrance is just right and my dry skin loves the healing ingredients. Great for me all-around!