DIY Lotion and Lip Balm Kit

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Comes with our My Buttered Life: Personal Care Edition e-book 

Choose between shea butter or cocoa butter. You can sub in the same amount using your favorite recipe. Lotion making is easy; you only need a few pieces of equipment from your kitchen (a Pyrex measure glass and a pot, and any type of "mold" you want to use to pour your lotion into - can be ice cube trays, muffin pans or small loaf pan). Kits include: 4 oz naturally refined shea butter or cocoa butter, 4.5 oz beeswax, 4.5 oz 76-degree coconut oil, 4 lip balm tubes, one pocket-sized Beesilk bar (so you know what you're making), a medicine dropper, and instructions. *DIY Kit can make 1 batch of diaper rash cream (by also adding 1 order of zinc oxide to your purchase) OR 1 batch of Beesilk Jr. (Choose shea butter for this) You have enough ingredients to make both diaper rash cream (add 1 order of zinc oxide) and Beesilk Jr if you contribute a few additional ounces of coconut oil from your kitchen cupboard. These recipes are in the baby edition of the My Buttered Life e-book. *DIY Kit can make 2 batches of sunscreen from the summer edition of the My Buttered Life e-book with TWO zinc oxides added.

Here's a summary:
The kit alone comes with all the ingredients and recipes to make a batch of approximately 12 pocket size lotion bars, plus 4 lip balms. The recipe comes in the box to make those two products, along with other recipe instructions in case you want to adapt the amounts and make something like hair butter instead of lotion bars. If you wanted to make rash cream instead, you can add zinc oxide to the DIY kit order and make the rash cream (recipe is included in the kit). Or sunscreen. So, it's basically a starter kit with options. Alternatively, you could instead purchase the individual ingredients from us once you know exactly what you want to make. I occasionally swap out which e-book comes with the kit so that people who come back to re-order the kit have a new e-book to look at. The recipe instructions for what can be made with the kit, however, are always included.

Customer Reviews

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Sad to see the end of the DIY kit but at least I got bought my last one. As always it's nicely packed and came with a small tin of the already-made lotion. Looking forward to making my ice-cube sized lotion bars and lip balms.

Perfect Kit

The lip balm kit is wonderful and has exactly what is needed to make four custom lip balms. I added essential oil and love how soft my lips are and how tasty the balm is.

Great DIY Kit

This DIY kit was well put together and very easy to use. My friends and I had a great afternoon making these. Instructions were clear and easy to follow, and the end result was great. Good product and good memories made with friends? Win-win!


This DIY kit is one of my favorite! It is easy to use, quick to make, and then I have a nice stockpile of lotion bars and lip balms, which we use a lot of, especially in the winter!

Great gift!

I received this as a gift and love being able to make lotion bars for myself and as gifts.