Bug Block

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Have you ever started to take a bite of your fresh-off-the-grill, BBQ'd hamburger only to have a nearby bug repelling spray hit your nostrils and ruin the flavor? Meet a bug repellant that doesn't reek of chemicals, is free of Deet, and naturally nourishes your skin while keeping the pesky mosquitoes and bugs away. 

The Bug Block not only acts as a lotion, but doubles as a bug repellent.

Ingredients: 76 degree naturally refined coconut oil, unbleached beeswax, naturally refined shea butter, essential oils of citronella, cedarwood, and rosemary.

No Deet!

Have questions about the essential oils used in our Bug Block? See full report here.


  • Long-lasting lotion
  • Non-greasy
  • Nourishes extremely dry skin
  • Relieves some cases of mild eczema
  • Travel-friendly
  • Bug-repelling

Customer Reviews

Based on 248 reviews

Your Bug Blocks helps our whole family! Thanks for making such a great product that keeps the bugs away in a safe and pleasant manner. :)

Really works!

Bugs REALLY like me so I have to use this stuff all the time. I am grateful that there is a naturally product that I don't have to worry about using.

Bugs Gone & Nice Smell

I love this product. I was skeptical of it at first but it really worked! Plus i don't feel bad putting it on the kids. Not to mention the nice smell compared to other products.

"No See'ums".. No more...

This bug block is great for me ..and I just recently bought some for my Mom and she swears by it...! I bought some for her "no see'ums" that were driving her crazy...now her crazy is just a naturally silly and NORMAL again!!...She has already told my sister about it and will be placing another order very soon for her...we will all be on re order for this product..the more you use it the softer your skin gets.. which is the best bonus ever..!

Goodby Bites!

My legs are the area that I usually get lots of bug bites while I mow the grass. Rubbing on the Bug Block really helped me survive the 2 hours of mowing with no itchy bites to contend with. I will continue to use the Block while outdoors!