Lotion Bars Scented

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For those who love the dry-skin-fighting action of our hard lotion bars, meet our naturally-scented Beesilk Bars. These bars are sold seasonally and include the added power of essential oils. Check the drop down menu for choices.

Base ingredients: beeswax, 76 degree coconut oil, naturally refined shea butter

Citrus Lotion Bar Ingredientsbeeswax, 76 degree coconut oil, naturally refined shea butter, essential oils* of lime, bergamot and tangerine

*we chose essential oils that are non-phototoxic

Lavender Lotion Bar Ingredients: beeswax, 76 degree coconut oil, naturally refined shea butter, lavender essential oil

Au Chocolat Lotion Bar Ingredients: beeswax, 76 degree coconut oil, cocoa butter

Customer Reviews

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I am in love

I can now throw away every lotion that I own. The hard lotion bar is amazing and the very light citrus smell is wonderful. My husband is very sensitive to any type of scent and he doesn't even complain the first time when I use it. I will be ordering again!! Thank you so much. Oh yeah, lol, and it works wonders on my dry hands. I carry steel all day and work around a lot of drying chemicals. My hands are finally starting to feel soft again.

Love the lavender smell

This bar is so delightful, I love the smell. I put it on my hands before bed and it helps keep them moist and the smell is calming.

Citrus Lotion Bar

I have been using MadeOn for years and I decided to try out the citrus scent. Oh. My. Golly. It's amazing. I really like using the lotion bars on my feet because I'm a lifeguard and spend a lot of time in ankle-deep water which dries my feet out a lot. It's also really nice on my legs right after shaving!

Citrus lotion bar

I finally got some of these and couldn't wait to open and try... all I have to say is Wow! I love the fragrance of it on top of the amazing benefits of the lotion bar itself...in fact I think it's my favorite which is saying a lot since I'm in love with the lavender one too!

Au Chocolat

I decided to try these lotion bars after reading the long list of ingredients on my other lotion that I often apply several times per day. I really started to wonder what that was doing to my skin and over all health! I learned about hard lotion from Melissa K. Norris and decided to give these a try, the ingredient list was exactly what I was looking for! Using the hard lotion was a bit of an adjustment at first, it was very different than other lotions I had used. But the smell was wonderful! And it made my skin feel really nice and it helped my dry skin. I only have to apply it once or twice a day compared to 4+ times of applying other lotions. It will be interesting to see how long the bar lasts, but either way I feel that it was 100% worth my money. I plan to purchase this again and purchase extra to give as gifts!