Travel Skin Care Box

  • $25.00

Perfect for travelers, or leave as a "hospitality box" when guests arrive, this travel box consists of:
  • shampoo bar (guest size) Read more here.
  • goat milk soap (guest size, the type depends on what we have available)
  • Beesilk pocket size hard lotion bar
  • natural lip balm
Shampoo Bar*: 
      This shampoo bar is easy to use. Simply work up a lather and apply to hair like you would a regular shampoo. Rinse. It leaves my normally-limp hair full and thick. Other shampoo bars have made my hair heavy with a greasy feel but this one keeps it healthy and clean. You may need the occasional vinegar rinse. 
Goat Milk Soap (guest size)*: 
      This is the perfect size soap for a vacation. No more wasted, goopy soap to pack and take home.

Beesilk Hard Lotion Bar Pocket Size: 
      A must-have for travel, especially when traveling by plane or visiting dry climates. (Ingredients: beeswax, shea butter, coconut oil)

Natural Lip Balm:  

Definitely don't leave home without this lip balm to keep your dry lips nourished (Ingredients: beeswax, shea butter, coconut oil)


*Soap may include any of the following ingredients:  olive oil, organic coconut oil, raw goat milk,  organic shea butter, raw honey 

*Shampoo bar ingredients: Ingredients: water, olive oil, palm kernel oil, coconut oil, sodium hydroxide, canola oil, castor oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, rhassoul clay, essential oils of lavender, cedarwood, sweet orange and palmarosa 

    Soap and shampoo bars DO NOT CONTAIN synthetic colors or fragrances, filler oils, such as soybean oil or shortening. Pre-made bases.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 27 reviews
    My husband LOVES this kit! (Me too! ;)

    My husband has been using MadeOn's Goat Milk Soap & Shampoo bar for years now! The hard lotion too! :D
    He loves that when we travel he has no liquid anything to leak or spill in his bag! This is also a perfect kit for the gym bag!

    Tassie Britton

    I am in love with this.I want more .love hard lotion love

    Travel Kit

    This is a great travel kit - everything that you need, very compact - these would make wonderful gifts as well.

    Perfect size for travel

    The travel kit is filled with the products I love (goat milk soap, bee silk lotion bar, shampoo bar and lip balm) and the sizes of the items are just right to pack for travel! I bought an extra one to give as a gift!

    Sail away . . .or get away with this little travel kit.

    Perfect little gift box for travelers. Nice little sample to take along.

    Awesome travel kit

    This is an awesome travel kit or a sample kit if you’d like to try new products!

    Good, but...

    I bought the travel box to pack in my hospital bag when I was expecting our 7th child. I like packing a few special things (like a new toothbrush) when I go to the hospital. The travel box was very convenient. Both the soap (oatmeal) and hair bar (hemp) had good lather, however I was not impressed by the scent of the hair bar. I'm not sure what hemp smells like, but it was not a pleasant smell, not bad, just not nice. My hair was good for a few days until I started to notice a build up from the soap. An apple cider vinegar rinse was in order, and helped a bit, but I see now that a rinse will be necessary after every washing in order to prevent build up.

    Tania Lown
    Great gift

    I got this for my sister, not realising she already uses the products. She loved the gift!

    Carol Pisano
    Perfect size

    Getting ready for a two week trip and this is the best size for throwing in my bag. No hassle about showing it through security. I love the smell of the products. I will be ordering again.