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Bug Block

Bug Block

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "This bug bar works well to keep the biting pests at bay. I rubbed it on my children's exposed skin, and it smelled good while it helped them avoid bites." -Karen

Have you ever started to take a bite of your fresh-off-the-grill, BBQ'd hamburger only to have a nearby bug repelling spray hit your nostrils and ruin the flavor? Meet a bug repellant that doesn't reek of chemicals, is free of Deet, and naturally nourishes your skin while keeping the pesky mosquitoes and bugs away. 

The Bug Block not only acts as a lotion, but doubles as a bug repellent.

Ingredients: 76 degree naturally refined coconut oil, unbleached beeswax, naturally refined shea butter, essential oils of citronella, cedarwood, and rosemary.

No Deet!

Have questions about the essential oils used in our Bug Block? See full report here.


  • Long-lasting lotion
  • Non-greasy
  • Nourishes extremely dry skin
  • Relieves some cases of mild eczema
  • Travel-friendly
  • Bug-repelling

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Customer Reviews

Based on 284 reviews
Rebecca Curtis
Bug Block

Haven’t used this, yet. Took one to family in Maine. They will use it there, I’m sure!

Gwyen Ziller
Bug Block

I want to use Bug Block on toddlers, do I use before or after being bitten by insects? Do I need to wash out the lotion after done? Thanks you!

We recommend for ages 6+ but you can use your discretion based on your child's sensitivity to citronella, cedarwood, and rosemary.
No need to wash off after use... use as a wonderful lotion!! :)

Doug Kevis
Bug block

I bought the stick of bug block this time. It works well and is less messy to apply. Works great on keeping the flys and mosquitos away while I’m working in the yard.

Carol Baker
No bugs on me...

I love this and use it everyday during the summer especially! Shared some with a friend this weekend - as she was going hiking.

Barbara Barkley
Bug Block Works!

Our recent camping trip included gnats and mosquitoes which chose not to land on my Bug Blocked body! So nice to know it was not nasty chemicals keeping them off. Wonderful, fast service as well. And nice people

Laura S.
Not much help

I was really hoping this bug bar would be the answer to the mosquito issue for us. Sadly this is not the case. The mosquitoes are apocalyptic this year (2021) in Michigan, the worst I can ever remember them being in my life. This bar has a pleasing scent and it is nice to put on as well as moisturizing, but gave little mosquito protection for us. It did help slightly, kids would come in with 6 bites instead of a dozen or more. Honestly it's been such a terrible mosquito year, that none of the different natural sprays I've tried have worked either.

HI Laura!

I appreciate your honest review and am sorry that the Bug Block didn't hold up to those pesky mosquitoes.

You can definitely use the Bug Block as a regular nourishing lotion on dry skin areas but in the meantime, I've added 1500 points to your rewards account so that you can purchase a different product next time.

April Watson

I take my grandies out everyday to play. This little stick packs a punch! great smelling and fights the bugs. Everyone needs this in their lives:)

Summer Relief!

I'm on of those people that seem to attract mosquitos and other insects that leave a nasty welt after they have bit me. I gave the Bug Bar a try two years ago when I went to Minnesota to visit family. I used the Bug Bar and not one bite! Fortunately, I took extra bars so I could leave one for those who live there to enjoy. Will be traveling across the South to Florida this summer and I DO NOT want to be without. So much better than other repellant sprays and lotions and it smells better too!

Delightful scent.

Ready to go camping now. Good stuff!