Winter Wellness Package

Winter Wellness Package

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Your skin gets an extra beating in the winter, not just from dryness, but from the abuse it takes when you're sick: nose-wiping, eye-rubbing, and constant hand-washing.

MadeOn can help. While you rest up and nourish your insides, we'll provide the products that can take care of your skin, while also helping you to breath again.

Here's what's included in our Winter Wellness Package:

20% savings compared to buying each product individually!

Full-Size Beesilk Lotion Bar (2 oz): keep it by your nightstand so you can easily apply lotion to your dry, overwashed hands, and to the damaged, over-rubbed skin under your nose. Tip: for an extra nourishing experience, cut off a bit of the bar, warm to the point of melting, and then apply where your skin needs it the most. Ingredients: beeswax, shea butter, coconut oil

Simply Soothing Rash Cream (1 oz): if the skin under your nose has become red and rashy from the frequent nose-blowing, apply Simply Soothing to take care of the redness. Apply anywhere that your skin has been overworked to the point of redness. Ingredients:coconut oil, beeswax, zinc oxide 

BeeCool Stick (.5 oz): Compare this to Vicks Vapor Rub for its function: clear up stuffy sinuses. We added menthol and essential oils to help with congestion and breathing. Apply a very small amount below the nose or rub on the neck and exposed chest for help with cough and cold. (Use sparingly with children - may be too intense).  Ingredients: beeswax, shea butter, coconut oil, menthol, essential oils of tea tree and peppermint 

Peppermint Lip Balm (.15 oz): Your lips have suffered enough. Bring relief and end the chapped feeling and dryness while allowing the peppermint to help clear up your stuffy nose. Ingredients: beeswax, shea butter, coconut oil, peppermint essential oil  

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Winter wellness package (Great)

I ordered the Winter wellness package and it really helps my hands from cracking from the Winter temperature. It came very quickly and I was impressed . Will be ordering again very soon. TY

Amy Deas
Lots of good things!

I always love the peppermint lip balm because it is my favorite! I rubbed some of the lotion on my hands around the knuckles because the skin is so dry, and it helped just using it once!

Lindsey Rottet
Great set for colds!

Our family had colds recently and these products were so helpful! The rash cream worked great for around our noses where the skin gets dry and hurts from constant nose blowing. The BeeCool stick worked great in place of Vick’s.

Lynn Knudsen
Winter Skin is banished with this!

This is the very best to get you through a dry rough cold winter! Something for every part that needs pampering. Use it before things start getting rough and you will be ahead of the game and may not ever get the rough chapped lips & hands etc. But if you get all Chapped and cracked this is exactly what you must have to get you to whole and smooth again!

Naomi Sterling
Wonderful for winter!

This is a great kit for battling dry skin, aches and pains and redness or rashes. I feel comfortable giving it to my kids since I know it is natural and made with the best ingredients. Thanks for quality products - and great value!

Leanne Kumin
Simple and healing

I love the simplicity of the products and that is one reason why they are so affective. They feel good going on and are very soothing and natural and quickly become part of your natural healing process.

Nice Products

I was in the mood for trying something different. What great products! The Lip Balm is wonderful and once applied it lasted a long time. The Rash Cream I gave away to a family member who suffers with Psoriasis. I really liked the packaging.

Perfect winter travel kit

Had to travel to Michigan and wanted great, simple products to carry, plus, am experiencing a rash of unknown source and wanted to try the Simply Soothing Rash Cream. I am satisfied on all fronts and love the very pleasant, light scent of the Bee Silk. Hard lotion is a new concept for me but find it feels healthier and kinder to my skin, even if I have to work a bit harder to cover it!

Well . . . . .

I got this winter wellness pack for a couple of reasons, one was to see how well all of the products work and the other was to compare them to products I make for my family to use. I tried everything immediately over the first two days after my order arrived. I was hoping the Beesilk would melt a little faster than the lotion bar I make but it doesn‚Äôt so I guess that‚Äôs the nature of lotion bars (I‚Äôm tweaking my recipe a bit to make mine melt faster). The bar is very nice and my skin felt good after using, but it really does take a bit of rubbing to melt at all to actually smooth across the skin. The rash cream is nice and melts at just the right rate to get enough to put on some raw skin on the back of the knee and seems to be helping very much like the mixture I make as well, and the little tin it comes in is perfect for placing on the night table. I can‚Äôt say I like the lip balm at all, it‚Äôs too much like the old fashioned ‚Äúchapstick‚ÄĚ brand to me, it‚Äôs like rubbing a chunk of paraffin across my lips and I must admit I was very disappointed by that. I like the BeeCool stick, the menthol smell is exactly strong enough, I like the smell, and it melted nicely.