Simply Shea Facial Emollient

  • $14.75

When your face feels "tight" from dryness or your skin begins to thin, it's time for daily shea butter treatment. Simply Shea Facial Emollient is a perfect emollient for your dry facial skin. Our shea butter is an ingredient that our DIY customers were already starting to use directly on the face with nourishing results, and we were asked to package it in an easy-to-use container.  We now have the option of added rose hip seed oil, known for its light, skin-protective properties... it's an oil used often in face and hair products.

For best results, apply to your face lightly at night before bedtime.


  • Fix dry or combination skin with a night facial emollient.


  • Naturally refined shea butter
  • Rose hip seed oil


  • 2 ounces

Customer Reviews

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Good products, resived in time :)

Excellent facial moisturizer!

I use the Simply Shea with the rose hip seed oil, and I strongly recommend it! Although it contains the added rose oil, it is unscented (so definitely smells better than plain shea butter!). As promised, it is much easier to spread around my face than plain shea butter. It absorbs quickly, and I instantly noticed how much more moisturized my face was - which is incredibly going into the winter months! (I live in MN.) I know my face is healthier overall, because my facial skin no longer feels "tight" or "dry" after washing it or showering. And when I apply my makeup in the morning, my face is silky smooth. Such a difference! I used to use facial cleanser, toner, and a TON of moisturizing cream, but ever since switching to Simply Shea I've noticed that I only need a very little bit and my skin is glowing. I can't say enough about how well this product moisturizes my face, absorbs quickly, and best of all it's chemical-free and natural!

Any chance you could make a related eye cream? A product with similar results that doesn't migrate into eyes? A cream that's easy to spread around the eye area?

Love product

Love how easy this is to apply once it melts in your palm. My skin feels wonderful.

It is so good - I am shipping it to Russia!

I have bought Shea emollient for the first time, just because I was curious about good reviews. Later I had it with me, when I was visiting my mother in Russia, who has very dry skin, and is usually VERY picky about products she would use on her face. She tried it once...and I had to fly back to the U.S. without it. Now, I am buying and shipping it to her in Russia.

I have tried buying just Shea Butter (organic, at Whole Foods), because it is cheaper that way. But somehow, it does not work as well as the one made by MadeOn (and it has a strong smoky smell that I don't care about). Perhaps, it's just Renee's magic!

Results as promised.

My skin gets a lot of exposure to a high-velocity fan. I live in an environment without a lot of air circulation and it's almost a requirement for me to sleep. The downside is I wake up with super dry facial skin every morning. Between the Avacado Cleansing Bar and this simple and skin-protecting emollient, that concern is now drastically lessened. As others say, you only need a pea-sized amount to have your face and neck thoroughly coated.

At least with my skin type (dry, mixed), it takes a while to soak in, so the rosehip oil leaves my skin looking a bit slick with that 'lotion greasiness.' But, as I agree with the recommendation of applying as a night-time masque, appearance is hardly a concern when I can wake up to an adequately soft and nurtured face in the A.M.