Simply Shea Facial Emollient

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "I used to use facial cleanser, toner, and a TON of moisturizing cream, but ever since switching to Simply Shea I've noticed that I only need a very little bit and my skin is glowing." -Jen

Why is shea butter so good for your face? When your face feels "tight" from dryness or your skin begins to thin, it's time for daily shea butter treatment. Simply Shea Facial Emollient is a perfect emollient for your dry facial skin.

Listen to our Simply Shea Product Story:

What's in it? Our shea butter is an ingredient that our DIY customers were already starting to use directly on the face with nourishing results, and we were asked to package it in an easy-to-use container.  We've added rosehip seed oil, known for its light, skin-protective properties... it's an oil that's used often in face and hair products.

Note: ** We are changing the size of our Simply Shea. 

Why? If you're like me, one 2 oz container will last you MONTHS. We like to keep things fresh around here. We surveyed customers and found that in this case, smaller is better. 

For best results, apply to your face lightly at night before bedtime.


  • Fix dry or combination skin with a night facial emollient.
  • Can be used everywhere on the body


  • Naturally refined shea butter
  • Rose hip seed oil


  • 1 ounce

Customer Reviews

Based on 247 reviews
Denise Osvog
Simply Shea

This is a great moisturizer for my face. Leaves it nice and soft.
A little hard to apply but it works great.

great on dry skin

At first I wasn't sure about this face lotion. It's a lot thicker than my previous gel lotion. But, just like the other MadeOn bars, it moisturizes well with only a tiny bit of product. My face was dry and flaky after a day masked at work, but washing with my Norwex cloth and applying the emollient was really refreshing and totally fixed the dry skin on my cheeks and around my mouth/nose. Will be glad to have this to use all winter!

Julie Winslow
Healing Balm

I actually bought this to use on my hands, which tend to get really dry and cracked during the winter. I love how it spreads on and soaks in quickly, leaving my skin softer and actually healing it rather than just masking the dryness for awhile.

Deborah Widdows

Just trying out hard lotion but I really like how this feels on my face.

Gina White
Love this!

So easy to use. I love it v around my eyes and lips.

Lillian Warren
Great Products

I really love how soft this lotion is on my skin. The lotion is smooth and silky. I use it daily and have enjoyed the way it soaks into my skin and rehydrates it.

Jennifer Valentine

I love my Shea butter lotion.

Shea is great!

I just started using Simply Shea, and I love it. I was a longtime user of lotion from a brand that starts with “C,” because it was good on sensitive skin and didn’t break me our. But the Simply Shea keeps my face moisturized through the night better, and also has not caused breakouts. I think it will be especially good in the winter, with the dying heat in the house. I just ordered another container of it for travel-especially for plane trips with super drying air. I take a little and soften it in my hands, then it spreads on my face and neck easily. Oh, I also like that it has no scent...I smelled some Shea butter from a store, and it smelled like not so great nuts.. This is a great product.

Love it

Simply Shea is the best moisturizer I’ve tried for my 57 year old complexion. My skin is soft, supple and glowing and fine lines are diminished.