Act on your Craft: how to sell at craft shows and farmer's markets

Act on your Craft: how to sell at craft shows and farmer's markets

  • $10.00

Interested in selling your wares at a craft show or farmer's market but not sure how to start? This e-book has everything you need to know to get you going, save you time and money, and make your first show a success.
  • Is selling at a craft show a good fit for me? (how to decide)
  • I have skills and talents but no ideas (where to look)
  • Help me narrow down my ideas (what sells well?)
  • How do I find shows to sell with?
  • Help! I'm an introvert (using your personality to sell)
  • How much for this? (setting your prices)
  • 13 display ideas (using Pinterest for inspiration)
  • Can I really do this? (tips from the experts)
  • After the craft show (what to do next)

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Chris Thorpe

Good information, a lot of suggestions.

Liesl Falcon
Great Info

This e-book contained quite a bit of useful information. It reads like a personal conversation.

Carla Pelcha
Great info

This book helped clarify a few things for me personally and gave me great tips on how to sell and what to expect. Loved it.

Mary Fields
Great book

Wonderful suggestions and easy to implement ideas. ~

Carolyn Coxson
What book?

I never received this! I don't see it on my Kindle and never received a hard copy either. Now I don't even remember which version I bought or if there was even a choice. I only know I was charged for it. Please help?

Melissa M
Good Ideas to get started and focused

Purchased this for my son, who is actually interested in making some natural functional products and art. I think I like the information better though :-)
Good tips to figure out where to sell, what to sell, how often to sell, how much to charge for products and more! Good read for just $5.

Act on Your Craft

Great info, good starting point on my research on starting my own business. Gave lots of great ideas to get me started!

cherie endlich
act on your craft

Many helpful ideas

Christina Nelson
Act on Your Craft

Great information!