Au Chocolat Lotion Bar (choose a size)

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Solid at room temperature, the Au Chocolat hard lotion is designed to specifically protect hands and feet from cracked skin and extreme dry skin. Made with cocoa butter, this bar has a light, natural chocolate scent.

Au Chocolat Lotion Bar Ingredients: beeswax, 76 degree coconut oil, cocoa butter

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Au chocolat

Love this scent! I’m so glad I tried it! Smells amazing and my hands are super smooth 😊

Wow wow wow!!!

I already loved the bee silk hard lotion, now are chocolate to the mix, delicious!!!! Do not lick it! Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t 😂 I’m in love with this lotion bar.

Love this product!

I have loved using these lotion bars! I love the smell of the Au Chocolate, and it seems to go on a little easier than the bee silk (for me anyway). I use it every night before bed and have had much healthier (less dry) skin! Also, the customer service has been outstanding! I've chatted with Renee several times online and she's always quick to respond and so helpful! Thank you!

Au Chocolat is Awesome!

I ordered the trial size .71 oz to make sure I liked how it moisturized and that I liked the scent. The results are in! I LOVE how soft and moisturizing these beeswax lotion bars feel on my face and body! The smell is delicious also! Great product! :)

Amazing scent..

I previously bought the bee silk lotion bars and I really liked them, so I decided to try the chocolate bar lotion. It smells wonderful and my family approves:) I use it as moisturizer and it does a good job. Thank you.