BeeCool & BeeSilk Stick Combo

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With just 6 ingredients (beeswax, shea butter, coconut oil, menthol and essential oils of tea tree and peppermint), you'll experience immediate relief from muscle soreness in our BeeCool stick. Compare to BioFreeze or Tiger Balm.  It's a perfect complement to your fitness routine to take care of your muscles and your skin. Our BeeSilk stick will take care of calluses and rough skin to give you smooth skin relief.

Our BeeSilk stick (shea butter, coconut oil and beeswax) will take care of calluses and rough skin to give you smooth skin relief.

Customer Reviews

Based on 113 reviews

I use Beecool for pain. I put Beesilk in my pocketbook to use. I have both the stick & the regular hardlotion. In there. If I only have a few minutes, i use the stick.

Great for legs

The Bee Silk Lotion Stick is great for using on my legs. I love the lotion bar but this makes it way easier to handle. The Bee Cool helped on a muscle ache too and isn't as strong as some commercial rubs.

One for me, one for my Chinese Shar-Pei dog

I heartily recommend the Bee Silk stick for your dog's eyes and ears, especially if she has allergies. The Shar-Pei is the "wrinkly-dog" and mine has allergies to whatever is in the air or grass that causes her eyes to tear which irritates the skin and creates 'scabby eyes.' In the morning I wipe her eyes with a tissue and easily apply the bee silk stick - after cleaning her ears the stick is really easy to apply to her skin inside her ear and she loves the feeling - just be sure to roll up the stick far enough so you aren't scratching her skin with the plastic. I've also used the bar version of bee silk on her, but the stick version is really easier and much more pleasurable for my sweet doggie. Of course I only use the BEE SILK on the dog (not the bee cool - that's mine - mostly for my neck. The fragrance is great though for my own seasonal allergies.


Having eczema, I'm always on the lookout for lotions that don't sting and they're EXTREMELY hard to find! Now that I've found Bee Silk, I no longer need to look for anything different! The Bee Cool is lovely on sore muscles! I even put some on my temples when I had a migraine - just before lying down. It helped a LOT!!! Thank you SO much!

Great product

I have purchased BeeCool before and love it. It is always my go to for sore muscles. BeeSilk has helped my very dry feet look so much better! Highly recommend both products!