BeeCool Muscle Balm

BeeCool Muscle Balm

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MadeOn’s newest product, BeeCool Muscle Balm Stick, offers relief from joint pain and soreness. Your overworked skin feels immediate “cool” relief within minutes of applying the balm.

Ingredients: beeswax, shea butter, coconut oil, menthol crystals, essential oils of tea tree and peppermint. Use caution for children under the age of 12 and keep away from the eyes or other sensitive areas.

Customer Reviews

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My husband took mine!

This is a great product for sore and stiff muscles. I have been using it for a while now, but one day it just disappeared off my desk. Later that day I watched my husband dig into his work lunch box and come out with my tube of BeeCool Muscle Balm! As he was rubbing it on his sore arm, I told him that I was looking for that. He said he had never seen me use it and that it really helps him when he gets sore at work. Then with a grin, he put it back into his bag. I guess I will have to buy a second one!

Missed it when I lost it!

Great for tension in the neck muscles, which causes me headaches. Using it allows the muscles to relax and the headache to go away.

Love that it is in a stick format. Less mess than other similar products.
Smells great, absorbs well and starts to work quickly.

I lost mine on a summer trip and was missing it until I could order it again.

Best thing for muscle soreness, stiff neck and headaches

This will kill a headache really fast if I apply it at first sign of pain. It also stops stiff neck pain and muscle pain from working out. Love this stuff and that it actually doesn't have any toxic chemicals in it like so many other OTC muscle pain relief products do. I'll keep buying it!

Great product!!!

I love my Bee Silk and Bee Cool. I've been having problems with my neck and this has helped greatly. Love the cool, silky feeling! I love the Bee Silk - I have horrible heels and can tell a difference after just a few days!

Love it!

I'm so happy that I bought some Bee Silk and Bee Cool. The ingredients are simple but awesome and I love the fact that it doesn't leave a greasy feeling.