BFCM Chocolate Lover's Pack

BFCM Chocolate Lover's Pack

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Au Chocolat Lotion and Lip Balm gift pack (in brown velvet bag)
  • 1 Family Size Au Chocolat Lotion Bar
  • 1 Pocket Size Au Chocolat Lotion Bar
  • 1 Au Chocolat Lotion Stick
  • 1 Au Chocolat Lip Balm

For the Chocolate Lover!


What's better than skincare that fixes dry skin? It's lotion that doubles as a tempting scent of pure, natural chocolate. Made with real cocoa butter, our Au Chocolat lotion bars nourish dry skin on contact.
To use: simply rub into dry skin. The ingredients absorb in the skin, making it soft and smooth.


Au Chocolat Lotion Bar Ingredientsbeeswax, 76 degree coconut oil, cocoa butter

Au Chocolat Lip Balm: beeswax, 76 degree coconut oil, cocoa butter

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Smells good enough to eat......

This is one of my favorite MadeOn Products. Besides smelling so good, it's easy to use, makes my hands soft and smooth and I can indulge in chocolate without gaining a pound!

Great Gift Pack!

This is a great deal! I love the family size bars the best but always have a pocket size along with me. The Au Chocolat scent is fabulous. These lotion bars save my hands from cracking in the winter time.