Citrus Lotion Stick and Natural Lip Balm

Citrus Lotion Stick and Natural Lip Balm

  • $20.00

Love citrus? You'll love our Citrus Lotion Stick!

Pair our uplifting citrus-y Lotion Stick with our nourishing scent-free lip balm to keep on hand, for your hands (and lips). 

  • Our lotion bars are made with nature's best ingredients... everything necessary to get the job done. That job? Fix dry skin.
  • Use on hands, feet, dry spots, or even some skin issues like mild or seasonal eczema. 
  • Citrus Lotion Stick .5 oz : beeswax,  76 degree coconut oil, shea butter, essential oils of bergamot, lime and mandarin.
  • Natural Lip Balm:  beeswax, 76 degree coconut oil, naturally refined shea butter

Customer Reviews

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Debbie Beenau
Citrus lotion stick and lip balm

I love the lip balm makes my lips so soft I use am and just before bed. The citrus stick is one of my favorite scents but for some reason it was not as strong as a scent this time like it is in the lotion bar.

Karon Wold

This product works very well. I love the smell of the hard lotion.

Jessica Bronder
Great Lip Balm and Hard Lotion

I liked both of the products. The lip balm is unscented and a little tough to get started. But once it warms up a touch it glides on the lips and left them feeling wonderfully smooth without a heavy coating like other lip balms.

I really like how the hard lotion bar is in a container. It makes it easy to apply and now get everywhere. The fragrance is a light citrus, not too heavy. Like the lip balm, the hard lotion is a touch tough to apply until it gets warmed up. This is just a fact of life when working with homemade balms and hard lotions. But once warm it just glides on. I love how it sits on my hands without making them overly greasy.

If you are looking for a great hard lotion and lip balm I recommend checking these out. You won't be disappointed.

Dianne Crozier
Perfect to carry with me

The lotion sticks are perfect to carry in my purse. I haven't gotten a product from MadeOn that I have not enjoyed.

Dianne Carpenter

Both products are really nice. I like the hard lotion for winter fingertips and the lip balm is the best I’ve used! Thank you!


Smells nice, non-greasy way to apply a nice lotion.

EO Bundle freebie

Smelled really good. I loved the lip balm especially

Love the lip balm haven't used the lotion yet but it smells amazing.

Love the lip balm haven't used the lotion yet but it smells amazing.

Nancy Stromgren

I have not received items