Frank & Ylang Lotion Bar and Beesilk Stick Combo

  • $18.00

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For those who love the dry-skin-fighting action of our hard lotion bars, but who also like a bit of scent, meet Frank & Ylang, named for the essential oils of frankincense and ylang-ylang. These bars are sold seasonally and include the added power of essential oils. 

The Beesilk Stick is lotion in a stick, perfect for spot treatment of dry, rough skin and seasonal eczema. No scent is added, except for you to enjoy the natural beeswax scent that comes naturally in the stick.

Frank & Ylang Ingredients: beeswax, 76 degree coconut oil, naturally refined shea butter, essential oils of frankincense, ylang ylang, bergamot

Chris D: "I have the purse size frank and ylang-ylang. It's perfect in every way. Just the right size to carry with me in my purse. The fragrance is nice. The container is perfect. I don't have to worry about the contents leaking inside my purse on hot days. I use my hands all day, typing, gardening, cleaning. They can get dry and chapped from all the handwashing. Lotion bars seal in the moisture and help my skin heal faster."

Beesilk Ingredientsbeeswax, 76 degree coconut oil, naturally refined shea butter

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Love the smell

Wow! I love the smell of this bar, that still has the convenience and quality of the basic hard lotion bar, but with this very zen fragrance that reminds me of my favourite spa.

Smells great

Love the Frank and Ylang hard lotion. I have it near my kitchen sink and use it often. Appreciate the safe and natural ingredients and love the scent!!


Wonderful moisturizer, it soaks into my skin and is not greasy or oily.

Awesome products

Both products are amazing and have softened my skin. Oh, and it does not make you feel greasy. I will have to get me another set to keep at work.

Great products!

I absolutely love the Frank & Ylang lotion bar and the Bee Silk Stick. Both products have really softened my hands and feet. Thanks for such wonderful products.