Handmade all-cotton face mask

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As the need for masks is (hopefully) waning, we're taking a break from selling them. 

Scroll down to see the mask in action in the video. When you make your choice, note that the photo shows two cotton fabrics in one image. This shows what each side looks like, as the masks are reversible. Choose to wear the print side, or the solid side.

Please note the sizes below. Masks are not returnable and only refunded if damaged in use. 

Here are the sizes:

Adult: 8" fabric across the front plus 3" of elastic on each side x 4.5" height

Youth: 6.5" fabric across the front plus 2.5" of elastic on each side x 4" height

Child: 5" fabric across the front plus 2.5" of elastic on each side x 2.5" height

Need a mask relief adaptor? Click the box above the Add to Cart button and we'll include one with your order.  Allow the adaptor to rest higher or lower on the back of the head, whichever is most comfortable. Here's what they look like:

mask relief adaptor: use instead of elastic around the ears mask relief adaptor

all cotton handmade reversible mask with elastic ears

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You'll find these extremely comfortable AND reversible. Go for the printed look, or flip it around for the solid color. (Or, choose from our two purely solid choices: all black or red on one side and grey on the other.)

Thick Filtered Cotton Face Mask

  • All cotton washable and reusable face mask. 
  • NOT medical grade.
  • Available in adult and child sizes.
  • Elastic straps
  • Reversible (with one side solid color).  
  • Multiple print or solid color choices. 
  • Thick filter inside each face mask for added filtering protection. 
  • Also includes an insert pocket so that you can add a layer of cut vacuum bag protection if desired. Vacuum bag not included.


Cafe print on one side: Black on the other

Black and Blue Checkered on one side: Black on the other

Black on both sides

Blue with white flowers on one side: White on the other

Pink and Green flowers on one side: White on the other

Solid Red on one side: Solid Grey on the other

Pastel stripes on one side: White on the other

Green flowers on one side: Green on the other

Brown Checkered on one side: White on the other

Patriotic Pattern on one side: White on the other

Citrus on one side: White on the other

Blue Checkered on one side: White on the other

Questions and Answers:

What are the best practices for using the mask during the pandemic? (source)

- Be careful not to touch the potentially contaminated parts of the mask when you’re removing it. The mask could have captured airborne particles on its outer surface. Pull it off from the back by the elastic straps, then wash your hands afterward.

-- Wash your mask between uses if you’re going to wear it frequently. Soap should kill the virus, experts say. Or, if you don’t need to wear the mask often, put it in a paper bag and label it with the date. The virus should die off after several days -- one expert recommends waiting five days to be safe.

Why do people use a vacuum bag insert and where can I find them?

A mask without the insert will work fine but it does add a bit more protection. Vacuum cleaner bags are great at capturing size .1 microns (the coronavirus size). A surgical mask is 89% effective against .02 micron particles, and the vacuum cleaner bag is at 86% ... cotton stands at 70%. (source) What's important is that the mask is still breathable, and comfortable, for the wearer. The vacuum bag doesn't hinder the breathing. If you don't already have one at home, you can find them at Walmart, Target, Amazon or your local household supply store. 

What about fiberglass in the vacuum bag? Can you tell us if it's safe?

You will want to make sure they're one of the recommended brands that this website suggests https://www.ezvacuum.com/ezvacs-answers/face-masks-from-vacuum-bags-COVID-Coronavirus/ 

Here's a list of recommended types: https://www.ezvacuum.com/vacuum-bags-for-diy-masks.html 



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