Healthy Living Bundle Set + Purely Shea

Healthy Living Bundle Set + Purely Shea

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Get our Purely Shea AND a bundle of our healthy living products in a muslin tote bag. This bundle will give you a sample of what our products can do for your whole family.
  • Purely Shea: pure, raw, unfiltered shea butter  (retail: $17.75)
  • Second Life Hair Butter pocket: it's perfect for hair that is becoming more dry and coarse with age AND/OR hair that's any of these: kinky/curly/dry/staticky (retail: $6.95)
  • Simply Soothing Rash Stick:  this will completely replace any fishy-scented rash cream you might currently be using.  Works on contact, no pain when applying, and is safe for cloth diapers if using for diaper rash (retail: $6.95)
  • Spearmint Lip Balm: need something to replace your urge to grab a stick of gum? Spearmint will fix the urge AND nourish your lips at the same time ($4.75)
  • Lavender Lotion Bar: Let the lavend. (retail: $9.50)
  • Beesilk sample bar (free!)

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Healthy Living Bundle

Everything in this pak is wonderful ! The shea cream came just in time, I had burnt myself a couple weeks before and now the burned area was dry and itchy. As soon as I opened the box, I dove right in and started putting the shea cream on. I've had this pak for about 9 days and the burn is so much more supple and not itchy. THe other products are great also. Spearmint lip balm, yumm. Lavender bar, rash stick, my "yearly" Fall dry rashy skin is almost healed! Thank you MadeOn !!

I love it all!

These products are all fantastic. They smell wonderful and more importantly they work! The company has been a pleasure to deal with and I would definitely recommend them to anybody!

sooooo goooood

Gorgeous products. The Purely Shea has been wonderful for this mysterious rash I have on my stomach, and the lip balm is so tasty and moisturizing. Will be gifting the Second Life to my sister who has really tight curls.

Quality Products

I received the Healthy Living Bundle and I am completley loving it. I have tried everything that came in the package and have nothing bad to say! I LOVE it all.

So much skin happiness!

I love all of the products I received in this bundle! All of Made On's products are of high quality and are easy to use. The sticks glide on and the lip balm smooth and smells fantastic!