Mother's Day Gift Package

Mother's Day Gift Package

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This is the perfect package to introduce mom to all-natural products that will nourish her skin, make her dry, cracked skin smooth again, and fix her chapped lips. This is the PERFECT package for the mom who struggles with the effects of aging skin. She'll feel young again with the combination of these skin-loving products.  

But here's the deal... we only have a limited supply. 

The package includes:

  • a Raw Silk Noil Washcloth for the face 
  • Avocado Facial Soap Bar
  • Citrus Lotion Bar
  • Natural Lip Balm
  • Simply Shea Facial Emollient


*Raw silk is covered with the protein sericin which can help heal eczema and other skin breakdowns. Sericin (which you will find is an ingredient in high-end beauty products) is produced by the silkworm when spinning a cocoon. Sericin binds to the keratin of skin, forming a protective film. The raw silk noil washcloth acts as a gentle exfoliant that leaves your skin soft and smooth.

*Our Avocado facial soap bar contains avocado oil, which has been used as a topical oil for skin conditions like psoriasis.  In this facial cleansing soap, avocado puree is also added as a healthy fat to a nourishing soap.

*Lotion bars are the most effective treatment for dry skin and mild eczema. They work beautifully on the hands and feet, and the added citrus essential oils have become a fast favorite among customers.

*Our natural lip balm is a must-have for every mom's to keep in her purse, gym bag or nightstand. Only three ingredients!

*Some customers have called it the secret to their younger-looking skin. What makes it so marvelous? It's pure shea butter, with a bit of rose hip seed oil added. No added fillers or fragrances to mess with the natural conditioning that shea butter does for the face. We call it Simply Shea Facial Emollient.

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Mother’s Day gift set

This is a wonderful gift set! Every one of these products is great to give or receive. And it’s a super price for such quality facial care!