PURELY SHEA (raw, unfiltered)

PURELY SHEA (raw, unfiltered)

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Raw, unfiltered shea butter is perfect for your skin's toughest skin issues, from mild eczema to dry, cracked skin, to uneven skin. The best part is that it's naturally non-comedogenic.

You should know that this has a smoky, nutty scent that may be off-putting to some people. The benefits (creamy, thick) more than make up for it.


  • Fix dry or combination facial skin.
  • Use as spot treatment for eczema.
  • Try on stretch marks, wrinkles, or uneven skin tones.
  • Freeze, pop out of the container, and use for your next DIY project.


  • Raw, unfiltered shea butter

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  • 2 ounces
  • Sample

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Awesome product!

This is exactly what my dry winter hands needed! Works great, goes on easily!

Unexpected results-it worked very well!!

I did not know if I would like this or not. I am very sensitive to strong odors but found this to be mild and non-offensive. I don’t actually get eczema very often anymore, but my hands are dry and sensitive, had decades of outbreaks and cortisone use, and now aging hand issues. I have had excellent results, this actually moisturizing my hands better than the hard lotion (for ‘me’)(sorry, although I do still carry hard lotion and use it, portability is a plus). The most dry areas responded much better and having faithful routine is very important. It does take longer to soak in, so you use it when you have time, cover with with cotton gloves if you need to use your hands. You might think nitrile gloves would do better, but the excessive heat & moisture can actually cause an eczema breakout. (I know because I tried this washing dishes). Anyone with very dry hands you do need the cotton gloves for nighttime, you will absorb & retain more of the products. If you are outside for longer periods in the winter, put on your raw shea butter, or other moisturizer & cotton gloves underneath your winter gloves, or mittens, you will protect & treat at the same time.

Great for severly dry hands

I houseclean part time and in winter especially my hands are constantly cracked and dry sometimes to the point of bleeding. I get those very painful fissures/cracks right along my finger nail tips also. Since using this product my hands "bounce back" much more quickly from a day of cleaning. They will still be dry (that is my lot in life I think LOL) but the painfully dry is gone. I am not cringing every time I type and put pressure on my fingers as I use a keyboard. The overall rough texture of the skin on my hands has improved a bit as well.

Purely Shea, raw,unfiltered!

I love my Purely Shea. it has been wonderful. I had some skin damage on my face from being out on a boat way to long and had wind damage too. The area was on my cheek bones and it looked awful. I have been spot treating the area with my Purely Shea and it is healing my damage. Love this product!!! Thank you for it!!!