U Pick 3 Collection

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MadeOn is happy to present our U-pick Collection of our customer's favorite picks. 

You can now pick and choose from our selection of products and have them shipped to you in an attractive muslin bag. 

  • the bag keeps your favorite MadeOn products all in one place when rummaging through your purse for your lip balm or lotion bar
  • this collection is perfect for gift giving - everything is created for easy grab and give... we can even ship it straight to the person of your choice
  • create the collection by theme - Bug Block and BeeCool for the adventurous, tinted lip balms and a scented lotion bar for your favorite gal pal
  • keeps all your MadeOn products clean and dust-free

How does it work? Choose three products from the list. We'll pack and ship it to you in the small muslin tote bag. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews

My Choices:
Simply Soothing Rash Cream stick,
BeeCool lotion stick,
Foot Rub lotion stick
I actually bought the rash cream stick to use on a dog I babysit who has sensitive skin and I have not had opportunity yet to use it. The Foot Rub stick is fantastic. I love that it's in a tube and glides onto toes and heels. Good product. The BeeCool lotion stick is pleasant but doesn't really help my achy lumbar area - but since I have scoliosis, it has its work cut out for it to say the least.

Junior to the Rescue

I keep Bee Silk Junior in my car during the winter. It's easy to apply giving my chapped hands a quick pick me up!

U Pick 3 Collection

Great way to save money and try different products all at the same time. Thanks Renee and MadeOn-- for top-notch, consistent, quality products that never fail to work great!

Great products

I purchased this pick 3 combo so I could try a variety of products and see how they worked. I am impressed with how they do a great job of moisturizing my skin and will definitely buy again but in the larger sizes.

always great products!

This package inspired me to try some new things and I was not disappointed! The packaging is always lovely, as well.