UB Beesilk and Foot Rub Sticks

UB Beesilk and Foot Rub Sticks

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Lotion bars work great for use on the hands and feet, but sometimes you need to apply the lotion to a child's skin, or you want to spot-apply it to a specific area that needs it. The stick works beautifully for this.

Bigger than a glue stick, 4x the size of a lip balm, it's perfect for the purse! 

Solid at room temperature, Beesilk Stick is designed to specifically protect and smooth over dry, cracked skin.

It's easy to apply to elbows and heels. 

BEESILK Ingredients: 76 degree naturally refined coconut oil, unbleached beeswax, naturally refined shea butter

FOOT RUB STICK: Get all the benefits of our Beesilk stick, with added essential oils that will help fight foot odor and fungus.

Ingredients: beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter and essential oils of peppermint, tea tree and black pepper. 

To use, apply generously on the feet. and allow the lotion to absorb into the skin. For deep cracks and splits, rub in an extra amount at night and wear socks. By morning, notice the silky feel of smooth feet. 

Customer Reviews

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Bee sensitive to your skin

First I must say that Renee is wonderful in working out every detail of your order situation!! I received these products as part of the Ultimate Health Bundle and unfortunately there was a problem with my package - postal problem! Renee, despite the fact the problem was not on her end, took utmost care in seeing the situation solved!! Truly customer care is priority for her!! I have been using the Bee Silk for a week now and I am giving it 5 stars times infinity!! The reason is, I am using it on my face, which is always sensitive, as in most products leave me looking like a raccoon only red instead of black! This product does not only moisturize the dry skin on my face, the eczema around my eye areas are gone! And so easily applied, too!!! I can carry it with me moisturizing as often as needed without any mess as well. Natural ingredients, no greasiness, and excellent moisturizer. This is my first time trying Made On products and I am so glad Renee was a part of the bundle allowing me the ability to take advantage of a great offer and introducing me to a spectacular product! Now onto the Foot Rub which I'll be trying this week!

Great product

I have been using the Foot Rub every morning & night for a couple of weeks and my heels have gone from dry & cracked to smooth & the cracks are healing up & closing.

Amazing products!

I have used the Bee Silk lotion bars in the past and have ordered more for Christmas gifts this year (shhhh....don't spoil my surprise! ;-)
I love the natural ingredients and how the lotion stays on even after hand washing. I've just started using my Foot Rub stick. I'm hopeful that it will help with any upcoming dry/cracked "winter" feet!
Thank you, Renee. I'm so glad that I found you & your great products!

Love these products!

Gentle ingredients that work well. Super moisturizing! I feel good using them on my babies :)

Both work really well.

They are great! I compared the foot stick with another natural product, and this one left my feet softer. I also like the subtle peppermint scent. I used the Bee Silk on my hands, and I love how silky they felt without feeling greasy! I gave them a 4 instead of a 5, because they're not completely doing the trick of moisturizing my hands and feet.