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This stuff is great!

Annie P.

My hands have never felt softer! I absolutely love this brand and will shop again! A+


I love this product so much!
It works better and longer than lotions I've used and I can easily take it with me everywhere I go. I love that it's good for my skin, has no added stuff and zero plastic!!


Love love love this product!
After searching for many years and different lotions I can say this is the absolute best!
My skin feels great for several days after application which is unusual as most lotions are absorbed by my skin within hours.

Excellent product

The BeeSilk Lotion bar has been one of the best products I have purchased in a long time. We have hard water and as a result it takes a toll on my skin. This is the first lotion I have used that has taken care of very dry skin and actually has stopped the deep peeling from such dry skin. I highly recommend this product.

Trying Natural
Pros and cons

Love the natural ingredients, but it really is challenging to use due to how it pulls my skin as I rub it on.

There may have been an issue with one batch having too much beeswax. We're shipping you a new bar to compare.

Etsuko Dlouhy
Are small one and large one different?

I am very disappointed. I liked the small size, and that's why I ordered a regular size, however, this large one is very dry and hard to apply to my hands. While the small one is smooth and easy to apply, the regular size, no matter how long and hard I rub my hands on the lotion, never gets on to my skin. I don't know if this item is defective or not, but I'm getting tired of using it.

I'm going to look into this for you. We'll ship you a new bar.


I live in a dry climate and have used the lotion bar with great success for years. When I use consistently before bed, my hands are always smooth by morning. It also helps small cuts to heal faster. Great for traveling without worrying about carrying liquid lotion. I recently had a minor issue with one order and Renee was very quick to help me out. Very thankful for this product and company!


i expected it to be a larger size … i also just don’t like it. waste of money.