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Frustrated that just because it's natural, it's not effective? The proof is in the thousands of reviews that claim that products with fewer than 5 ingredients can truly fix your skin. From dry, cracked, extreme dry skin, to baby rash, you don't have to resort to expensive or ineffective all-natural products that may or may not work.
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"No See'ums".. No more...

This bug block is great for me ..and I just recently bought some for my Mom and she swears by it...! I bought some for her "no see'ums" that were driving her her crazy is just a naturally silly and NORMAL again!!...She has already told my sister about it and will be placing another order very soon for her...we will all be on re order for this product..the more you use it the softer your skin gets.. which is the best bonus ever..!

Purely Shea, raw,unfiltered!

I love my Purely Shea. it has been wonderful. I had some skin damage on my face from being out on a boat way to long and had wind damage too. The area was on my cheek bones and it looked awful. I have been spot treating the area with my Purely Shea and it is healing my damage. Love this product!!! Thank you for it!!!

So nice

This is now the only soap I use in the shower, and I have even got my husband using it! That is a miracle because at first he didn't think it could be any different than other soap, but once he started using it he liked how it felt. It is all natural so it truly moisturizes your skin while making you squeaky clean. Love the lavender soap, and the other scents like pumpkin spice, frankincense and myrrh, etc. None of them give you a headache from the smell (and I am very sensitive to odors) and leave your skin gently cleansed.

Miracle Worker

I can't begin to express how amazing these bars are! I used to have really badly cracked heels, but now they are so smooth and soft. You do need to use it daily, and it may take a week or so before the cracks are gone, but once the cracks are gone you don't have to worry about them coming back with daily use. It is so smooth feeling and very easy to travel with. My favorite scent is the lavender one, but the unscented is nice for anyone who doesn't want any odor. These also make great gifts, just make sure to include instructions! Nice, natural way to take care of dry skin.

Smells so good!

I love the smell of this lip balm! I can't wait to put this on because it does smell like gum, but it's good for you! A fun way to make your day a little better because smelling the spearmint perks you right up. Feels amazing and works wonders on your lips.


I am in love with this lavender roll-on!!! The smell is so refreshing without any weird unnatural odors, and it works for everything from a headache to a bug bite. I use it daily in place of any perfume and on scratches and bug bites. It really takes the sting and itch out of a bite. This is one of those items that I keep in multiple places around the house and in my purse. I love it that much! A great product that I will continue to buy and keep extras on hand because I would hate to be out of this even for one day.

So fresh feeling!

I LOVE the peppermint lip balms! I use this on a daily basis and I just bought the 5 pack to give away as gifts. It feels amazing on the lips with this fresh tingly feeling, and smells so good. My lips feel super moisturized after every use and I love that it's good for me.

Great product

I reordered the Bee Cool stick because it works. I have muscle pain in arm so I use this product. It is sticky but it works.

The best one

I will never use anything else to clean my face now that I've used this. I received a sample size and loved it so much I ordered the full bar. It smells great and makes my skin feel amazing.

I love the lotion bars

The chocolate is my favorite scent. Citrus is nice with strong scent of lime. Intrigue is way to herbal for me. I hated it. The bars work well and last a long time.

my first mystery box

Since I know that everything MadeOn sells is beneficial and comforting to my skin, I was sure I would be happy with whatever was in the box. And I took advantage of the invitation to make a couple of requests for things I especially hoped to find. I was not disappointed, I got my 2 requested items, and the rest was sheer fun, like opening a Christmas gift. Whether I use everything myself or give some as gifts (because I already have an item or two) I am very pleased with the value and hope this continues to be an option in the future.

Love the tinted lip balm. Goes on smooth and is the perfect shade

Great scents

I have been faithfully using the lotion bars for years now and they are the only thing that keep my cuticles from cracking and my skin moisturized enough in the dry climate I live in. Adding the scent to the bars makes them even more enjoyable to use. I haven't tried a scent I don't like, but lavender and citrus are my favorites!

Fun surprise!

This was such a fun surprise! It felt like there were so many products in the box - a few tried and true favorites and a few I'm excited to try. Knowing the quality of the products from MadeOn, I knew I wouldn't be disappointed with anything I received in the box. It was like opening a gift that Renee picked out for me, and I would definitely order this again in the future if it is available!

Love this simple addition to looking put together!

A nourishing lip balm that gives a great color. I ordered French plum, and it’s beautiful. It also smells really good!

Foot Rub Magic

I tried this magical tube and noticed a difference on my heels. WHOA! Didn't realize that my feet were dry & cracked.
Ok, I did notice but I didn't have anything that actually worked without getting a pedicure.
My feet soaked up the moisture and then some. I Love the smell! (peppermint)
Everyone that has Dry/Cracked heels needs this Magic tube. ")

Best Little Treasures

I'm a first time user of Bee Silk lotion bar. This size perfectly fits in the palm of your hands. I used it as a hand moisturizer and noticed right away it was silky to touch and what was left on the palms of my hands I ended up moisturizing my elbows and arms. They are not kidding when they say, "a little goes a long way." There's also no fragrance...huge plus!
I think I'll keep 2 and give 2 away. ")

Love the sticks!

I love love love the lotion sticks. I always have one (or more) with me and they are so easy to apply. I love that I can spot treat my hands (I have bad eczema on the palm of one hand) without feeling like my entire hand is covered. It's also great for helping the kids - my son got a paper cut on his hand, it wasn't even bleeding, but he was demanding a band-aid as only a five year old can. We didn't have any, but we put some Beesilk on his finger because we thought the wax would help seal the cut. He stopped complaining and now every time he gets hurt he asks for Beesilk! We also have sticks of Bug Block and Foot Rub.

Works great!

I bought this for my almost three-year-old because he has had hives off and on for the past ten months. Most of the time they don't bother him, but sometimes they get really itchy and I'll notice he's scratching himself and scabbing over. I used some of this on his back the last time that happened and he said it felt much better! We've been using the Beesilk Junior for a while but thought I'd try this one when it was really bad.

Bee Cool

Helps out so much after running.

Great product!

We are so thankful for the product, as it helps quickly, smells good and moisturizes too!

Smells like gum!

This smells just like the spearmint gum I used to chew - so fun! And of course it's a fantastic lip balm with minimal ingredients, which I love about all of Renee's lip balms.

Renee's voice is smooth as butter

It probably sounds pretty corny, but you know not all people that are on youtube should be. I was really excited to get Renee's very simple but wonderfully effective recipes but was kind of wowed when I watched the accompanying videos. Such a truly soothing voice

Foot Rub ~ soothes and smooths!

I love the smell and feel of the Foot Rub. It soothes my tired feet and smooths my calluses.