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Frustrated that just because it's natural, it's not effective? The proof is in the thousands of reviews that claim that products with fewer than 5 ingredients can truly fix your skin. From dry, cracked, extreme dry skin, to baby rash, you don't have to resort to expensive or ineffective all-natural products that may or may not work.
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Love love love this product!
After searching for many years and different lotions I can say this is the absolute best!
My skin feels great for several days after application which is unusual as most lotions are absorbed by my skin within hours.

Shampoo Bar
Sydney Drake
Didn't expect to like this shampoo, so loving it is a big surprise!

I ordered the shampoo bar by mistake. I decided to give it a try. My fine, 62-year-old hair didn't seem to like it much, but I tried it again. My hair was better after that, and just keeps getting nicer. Great product! Thank you!

Lip balm

The best lip balm. I have one for home and one for on the go.

LeAnne Romkee
All of my products were wonderful!

I ordered the Bee Silk lotion bar in both full size and pocket bar. Excellent moisturization! I also ordered Junior. Soothing Rash cream worked extremely well on my eczema! And I am in love with Second Life hair butter. I have natural curly coarse hair. Works great for softening and conditioning without looking oily. In fact, I liked my products so well, that I have ordered pocket sizes for summer travel!

Best Lip Balm Ever…It actually works

I was so tired of buying lip balms over the years that only made my lips feel dried out afterwards and had to keep reapplying all day long. I have bought them all. I saw this lip balm a handful of years ago and gave it a try. LOVED it! My lips feel great, it goes on smooth, I don’t have to reapply 100 times a day, it actually works. I have purchased some as gifts and keep reordering as needed for myself. These are perfect!

Beesilk Junior
Lavender Junior

At first I thought the lavender was a tad strong, but it's become what I apply before I head out to the garden....and the bugs leave me alone! It's easier to apply than the hard lotion but it still really seals in the moisture. Great stuff!

Simplicity At Its Best

I love the minimal ingredients. It seals in the moisture and I can really tell the difference! My skin is very happy...


This has become my favorite thing to gift my female friends. Everyone seems to be looking for cleaner products, especially in lip colors, and not only have I enjoyed these myself, but I’ve enjoyed seeing faces light up when I tell them about these. Personally, I love the soft shades of all these colors and also what I can created by adding more layers. 🩷

Great facial cleanse1

I've never been a bar soap user until now. This cleansing bar lathers well and leaves my skin soft and ready to use the Simply Shea.

Excellent product

The BeeSilk Lotion bar has been one of the best products I have purchased in a long time. We have hard water and as a result it takes a toll on my skin. This is the first lotion I have used that has taken care of very dry skin and actually has stopped the deep peeling from such dry skin. I highly recommend this product.

So moisturizing!

I love this lip balm! I only need to reapply once or twice daily and my lips have never felt better. It's amazing!

Beesilk Junior
Sharon Wiedeman
Awesome moisturizer

I don’t usually write reviews but I love this hard lotion. I had a double mastectomy last October and the skin adjacent to my scars stays dry and itchy. This product is moisturizing and has helped quite a bit.
Thanks for your product

Pros and cons

Love the natural ingredients, but it really is challenging to use due to how it pulls my skin as I rub it on.

There may have been an issue with one batch having too much beeswax. We're shipping you a new bar to compare.

Are small one and large one different?

I am very disappointed. I liked the small size, and that's why I ordered a regular size, however, this large one is very dry and hard to apply to my hands. While the small one is smooth and easy to apply, the regular size, no matter how long and hard I rub my hands on the lotion, never gets on to my skin. I don't know if this item is defective or not, but I'm getting tired of using it.

I'm going to look into this for you. We'll ship you a new bar.

Simply Soothing Rash Cream
Rosalyn Flanagan

I was so excited that this worked! I have a patch of eczema on one finger. It has been red and itchy for a month. After using the rash cream once, it started improving. The cream takes the redness and itchiness away if I use a little cream on it daily.

Katie B.
Avocado Facial Soap

The most nourishing facial soap I have ever used!
My face feels clean and moist instead of dried out!
Highly recommend this product!

Love the subtle scent and ease of application.


It's very soft and goes on gently. Immediate relief. (I didn't have a severe rash.) No scent, which is nice.

Kristina H.
Love! Very noticeable difference!

We tried the free sample, and fell in love with it! So we ordered the variety package. We are very pleased with everything. I especially love the lip balm! My husband is retired military (23yrs), and after one use, he had a very noticeable difference!


I live in a dry climate and have used the lotion bar with great success for years. When I use consistently before bed, my hands are always smooth by morning. It also helps small cuts to heal faster. Great for traveling without worrying about carrying liquid lotion. I recently had a minor issue with one order and Renee was very quick to help me out. Very thankful for this product and company!

Love having the hint of color that this product delivers in addition to the fabulous hydration!

Great product that is very emollient!

Facial Soap

My husband and I both use the avocado soap on our faces. It’s gentle, but good!


I have tried many different types of lip balms especially the new tallow balms but I must say these are the best. Fast and friendly service when ordering…I’ve ordered these twice now for myself and my family and these are our favorites! I highly recommend 🥰

Good stuff

I am surprised at how much I like this face cream. I was worried it might feel greasy but it absorbs quickly with no signs of breakout. Feels good on dry winter skin. Can’t wait to try on sun parched shin this summer.

PS This company gives excellent customer service :)