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Frustrated that just because it's natural, it's not effective? The proof is in the thousands of reviews that claim that products with fewer than 5 ingredients can truly fix your skin. From dry, cracked, extreme dry skin, to baby rash, you don't have to resort to expensive or ineffective all-natural products that may or may not work.
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Love the freebies!

I love that this company has freebies you can add to any order. I almost always choose the peppermint lip balm because it’s probably my favorite product and I always need a new one since I use it so much!

Perfect color

I LOVE all of MadeOn’s lip balm, but the tinted is so perfect when I want a touch of color. I almost never wear lipstick but sometimes want a little color and the crimson rose is exactly what I want on those days.

Love the scents

I love this lip balm! My favorite by far is the peppermint. It smooths right on and doesn't feel overly heavy. The scent is wonderful!

Just a hint of color

I am not a big lipstick wearer, but sometimes I want to add a little color. This is just perfect because it's just a hint of color, so it's subtle. I love that it's all natural too!


These lotion bars are great! Really softens the skin, is long lasting, and helps with my itchy, scaly areas also. Wasn't sure what to expect but I will only be using these for myself and my family from now on!


I love this! It makes Bee Silk much more portable and easy to apply to anywhere!

Loyal Customer. Repeat Buyer💚

I have been using this facial bar ever since it came on the market. I don't use any other cleanser since. Not only does it remove all my makeup but does not leave my skin tight and dried out. The natural ingredients is always a plus..

Silk washcloth

After reading the many reviews, I thought I'd try it. Yes! It is wonderful for my face. Exfoliates without too much roughness. I will give a few as gifts.

Bee Silk Freebie is a great sampler for everyone!

I am a new customer, and originally intended to order this Freebie of Bee Silk with a purchase of another product. At checkout, I took advantage of a special offer for a 4-pack of Bee Silk and am very pleased with my decision.! Bee Silk is a wonderful product for moisturizing dry skin! If it's not your primary purchase, be sure to select this Freebie!

Good for moisture, not for color

I am trying these for the first time, and love the way they moisturize my lips. However, although I did not expect a lipstick level color, I am disappointed that I find no color at all on my lips. Not even if I test it on my wrist. Great for moisture, not for tint.

Good moisture!

The Bee Silk bars are very nice. They do a good job of adding moisture to the skin, and absorb quickly. I have ezcema on my hands, and the bars seem to be helping after just a few days. I apply quite often, especially after washing hands and before bed.

Excellent product!

Finally!!! Bug repellent that works with out the harsh chemicals in it. We started using this last summer and loved the pleasant smell that kept the bugs away while not irritating sensitive skin.


I recently pulled a muscle and had this from.a previous promotion. It worked wonders and greatly reduced the pain. I would definitely recommend this product!


Loved the avocado facial bar! It smells really nice and that without all the fake ingredients! Thank you for a wonderful product!!!


I’ve really enjoyed using this shampoo bar! It makes a nice lather. I do prefer a vinegar rinse with it, but it works fine without as well. Thanks again!

Bug Block Stick

This Bug Block Stick is great! I love the smell of it and knowing that the ingredients are safe to use! As to it’s effectiveness, the bug season is just starting here and I have not yet been able to judge. We’ve only used it one day, so far. Looking forward to seeing how it goes!


I love the natural lip balm

It’s working well on my very dry feet

Not my favorite

I’ll be honest........ I was shocked at how tiny the product was for the cost of it. I love natural products and realize they can cost a little more, but this just seemed too tiny at .71 ounces. Kudos to Renee for making it and selling it. I am thrilled for her. But, for me, I just feel it’s overpriced. Also, it takes a bit for it to soak in and therefore, leaves you a bit on the oily/greasy side.
I feel bad for my review, but honestly, it’s too pricey for me for what you pay for.

Stocking up for the summer warrior season

I tried this last year and it is soothing for hot rashes, mosquito bites, and sore muscles. The "cool" is not over powering like Tiger Balm. Just subtle but effective. Love the refreshing scent, too. It works!

This is by far my favorite Made On product

I initially received a tinted lip balm in an order I made from Made On last year. I lost that one to my adult daughter. I missed it. So I ordered 6 more: some to keep and some to give away.

My make up routine is simple. Rosehip seed oil for moisturizer, 1 color of mineral eye shadow, a bit of mineral make up blush and this colored lip balm.

It gives a subtle color, not garish like commercial lip sticks. I don't feel self conscious with it but it does give enough color that I feel happy and confident. I'm over 60 so that little bit of color goes a long way to helping me feel wonderful and energized all day.

Best of all, no lead, no dangerous chemicals, and it feels great on the lips. I trust Made On for toxin-free, natural products.

Love it! absolutely!

I have the purse size frank and ylang ylang. It's perfect in every way. Just the right size to carry with me in my purse. The fragrance is nice. The container is perfect. I don't have to worry about the contents leaking inside my purse on hot days.

I use my hands all day, typing, gardening, cleaning. They can get dry and chapped from all the hand washing. Lotion bars seal in the moisture and help my skin heal faster. Oh, and if you have rough elbows, these work to soothe and heal them faster than anything else I've tried.

I also love the purity of the ingredients that Renee uses when she makes her products. My husband has eczema due to a severe wheat allergy. I just found out that vitamin E can be sourced from wheat germ. I had no idea. Thankfully, all Renee's products are wheat free. One thing I don't have to worry about with Made On products. I'm a customer for life.

They exceeded my expectations

There was an issue when I could not get the trio lip balm into my cart. I included a quick note in my order for a single lip balm instead. When that arrived I was surprised by the bonus of the trio lip balm. They exceeded my expectations. I am committed to them now. As far as the lip balm I have been very pleased with the difference in upgrade from my previous natural lip balm to these tinted natural lip balms. One happy customer.

Milk & Honey

The Milk & Honey bar is absolutely amazing! So gentle, yet cleans thoroughly and removes dead skin cells. I love that it’s so gentle and hypoallergenic! I feel confident knowing it’s safe enough to use on my newborn. My third baby struggled with infant eczema, so I started using the unscented Milk & Honey soap to gently cleanse her and followed up with Beesilk Jr. Her months-long battle with eczema was healed in two days! I love being able to use products that work for the entire family - no more of “this is my cleanser, and this is baby’s cleanser...” If my products aren’t “safe” enough to use on my newborn baby, shouldn’t that alarm me? I love that goat milk soap is hypoallergenic and nourishing with moisturizing oils. And Renee is so genuinely dedicated to helping heal others with their skin challenges. I love supporting a company where I feel valued and appreciated for my patronage. Renee is truly sincere and actually reaches out and connects with us. Thank you, Renee, for your outstanding business and dedication!

Awesome product

OMG, the cracked heals on my feet are almost completely gone since I started using this a few days ago! Amazing how fast this helps them to heal! Love it.