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Frustrated that just because it's natural, it's not effective? The proof is in the thousands of reviews that claim that products with fewer than 5 ingredients can truly fix your skin. From dry, cracked, extreme dry skin, to baby rash, you don't have to resort to expensive or ineffective all-natural products that may or may not work.
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Great for fall/winter

My daughter loves pumpkin spice & loves this lip balm. It moisturizes so well. A great scent for fall & winter. It just seems perfect for the colder weather.

Superb moisturizer

I did not know how much I would love this soap. I have dry sensitive skin/hands. Although the Bee Silk helps, my hands still had dry areas. This soap was the missing piece, has helped to make my hands better, just in time for winter too! It will make a great gift too.

A nice addition

A nice alternative to shaving creams (their additives), and no can to discard or recycle. I have used just hand soap in the past but this is much nicer & does a better job. The lavender scent is great. This would make an excellent gift for the teenager you maybe wanting to show some alternative & healthier products. Also, more eco-friendly, much smaller carbon footprint.

Super lip balm

This is an excellent lip balm, moisturizes very well. This unscented lip balm is a good gift when you are unsure of what a person may like. You can’t go wrong, good for men & women (children & teens).

Lovely scented soap

This is a nice soft lavender scent. It was a favorite at Christmas last year! You feel like you are spoiling yourself when you use it.

Nice mint balm

I do like the spearmint, it is more of a softer mint, but still refreshing. The lip balms moisturize better and are so much more healthy than vasoline, (as a child I was allergic or sensitive to vasoline products.)

Great product

I have frizzy dry hair. I love this product much more than the similar store product made with silicone. I brought this to my hairdresser. She loved the scent & thought it was nice for her hands too.

Great gift pack!

I loved the variety of products in this gift pack. Personally, I bought the package with the intent of breaking it up for several people in mind, adding on a few other items to individualize for each person.

Super gift

Purchased this as gifts for the chocolate lovers I know. Pairs nicely with the au chocolat lip balm. See the ingredients, this is not actually chocolate, the scent is cocoa butter. I personally I like it as it is more of a natural (clean?) scent. The chocolate lovers definitely approve.

A favorite!

I like the the mellow scent of the vanilla. The mica is a nice touch that makes the lip balm chic. Excellent gift for a teen (get them into more natural/healthy product at a young age) and for an adult of any age

Nice gift

As a gift, it lets someone pick out a product (products) of their choice with a minimal cost to themselves. It also makes a nice gift for You!!

Nicely made product

Love the soap pallet. I do like the newer design of the smaller pallet. If you have a problem with your soap sticking, just run your wet bar of soap over the pallet, so a little oil penetrates, and place your soap across the end of the pallet to let the oil soak into wood & dry.

More Than For the Face

This product is amazing and has helped me with my heels and elbows, and (I'm older) neck. It is not in the LEAST greasy but spreads easily. I plan to use it in the future, for sure!

Great card for wonderful products

The gift cards are a great gift/incentive to try new products or to restock on wonderful products running low. Great for gifting to others or stocking your own Christmas stocking. : )

finger-tip and heal saver

I love Bee silk hard lotion! I use it nightly on my "mom hands", frequently in the summer on the heels of my sandaled feet, on scraped knees, and raw noses. The little tin now sits at a place of honor beside me on my bedside dresser.

Lips sing the praises of lip balm

Love it. Use it up way too quickly. Love the minimal ingredients that actually WORk!

Look forward to using!

Haven’t used yet but smells wonderful. I’m sure this will be great just as all the other products are!


Works wonders on extreme dry hands!


No diapers here but great for slightly older skin!! Evens skin tone and moisturizes.

Second Life Hair Butter
Best leave in Conditioner for my hair!!

I use Second Life Hair Butter, everyday!!! My hair used to be coarse but over the years, it has become more fine and fly away. This helps me so much to maintain control. Giving to my granddaughter who has long wavy hair, too❤️❤️

Simply Soothing Rash Cream
Giving as extra Christmas presents ❤️

I love these Made On Lotions, creams! Giving to granddaughters at Christmas to share the skin healing properties with them!!!❤️

Gift giving!

Love this package. Not only is the product wonderful but it’s a great way to save money and give them as gifts to family and friends.

Wonderful winter package!

I just got these set. I love the beesilk lotion and lip balm. It’s so quenching ( can I say that about a lotion lol). Because my dry skin feels like it is being revived with this product. I wash my hands a lot and with the winter weather they were really bad and dry. To a point where it would itch because it was so dry. But once I started applying beesilk my hands feel silky and smooth. There were times I used to apply just coconut oil from my pantry before I found out about this product. The coconut oil worked but it was greasy until it got absorbed into my skin which took some time. But with beesilk bar lotion it’s easy to use and not greasy at all. My lips are always dry. Which means I never leave the house with some kind of lip balm. It’s hard to find one that actually works and this does. I love it.
As for the soap I haven’t tried it yet but I am sure it will be as amazing as the rest of the made on products I have used.

Amazing smell. Awesome for kids!

I specifically bought this for my 3 yrs old son. It’s sometimes a fight to put face cream on his face. He loves everything chocolate. So I bought the chocolate stick and it was a big hit. It was easy and convenient to apply. Surprisingly he sat quietly as I applied it to his face. He loved the smell which at first I thought it was strong but after a few minutes it becomes mild but still there which is nice. It’s not greasy and feels quite light. I bought several sticks to throw in my diaper bag for my 8 month old, one for my toddles school cubby, as a stocking stuffer for hubby and the rest to have on hand so I won’t run out. Thank you for making natural skin nourishing products.

Love these lotion bars!

I have been struggling with eczema and dry skin for years and the hard lotion bars from Made-On have done wonders for me! I love both the original BeeSilk and Au Chocolat. I try to alternate between using them to give my skin some slightly different treatments. The natural cacao butter scent of the Au Chocolat is delicious!