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Frustrated that just because it's natural, it's not effective? The proof is in the thousands of reviews that claim that products with fewer than 5 ingredients can truly fix your skin. From dry, cracked, extreme dry skin, to baby rash, you don't have to resort to expensive or ineffective all-natural products that may or may not work.
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Strange At First!

When I was younger I went camping, and discovered I forgot my shampoo, so I washed my hair with my body soap (Irish Spring) bar!

Warning! This Shampoo Bar is NOTHING like that experience.

My hair has been wrecked by chemo so it always looks bad. Because of having cancer, I am very aware of what I use on my body now. When I saw the shampoo bars and read about the ingredients, I went and compared it to my current shampoo and conditioner. All I can say was wow! I have been so careful since I got cancer but never gave a moments notice to my shampoo and conditioner.

I could not wait till I got my shampoo bar so when it came in the mail I put it by the shower to use it first thing in the morning. It was very strange at first, and while washing my hair, I kept getting flash backs to my Irish Spring hair (Scary!). But this was different. I lathered it up in my hands, and like a few of the other reviews, I did not get a lot of lather. After adding the lather in my hands to my hair, I also ran the bar over my head for a couple of swipes then lathered my head well. Well, I got a LOT of lather and it took a few moments longer than normal to rinse it all out. Instead of conditioner, I used the lemon juice rinse then dried my hair as normal.

My hair was soft, very clean and manageable. This was after the first use, but I have read all of the documentation that came with the bars and I know that there will be an adjustment period that goes along with the shampoo bar use. I am looking forward to the coming weeks to see how much improved my hair will be.

If my first use is any indicator, I am going to REALLY like this shampoo bar. People, this is NOT your Irish Spring shampoo experience!

Smells Devine!

I have the peppermint soap and it is the best smelling soap and also feels amazing on my skin! My skin feels silky smooth after I use it.

Love this!

I have gotten almost every freebie offered and I haven't been disappointed yet! I've loved everything!

Feels great!

This stick smells good and feels great on my feet! Wonderful moisturizer for dry cracked feet!


This is going to be lots of fun. Waiting to use til my older daughter visits in another month.
The three of us are going to have a blast and each have product we produced ourselves.

Bug Block

Live in rural Idaho (lots of bugs!) Been wearing the Bug Block every day for at least a week now and have not been bitten by another mosquito! It smells nice and I’m sure it’s good for my skin just like all the rest of the products that Made On povides. Absolutely love it. It’s all about using fewer, effective and pure ingredients-Renee nailed it again!

My favorite product!

After using this for several weeks it has quickly become my favorite product! I get compliments all the time now that my skin is glowing! My skin has never looked or felt better!


I have these in the chocolate, beesilk, and lavender. Perfect size for your purse, bag, or pocket. I really like all of the scents and they make my skin feel amazing!

Smells amazing!

I love the smell of this bar!! It has a clean a refreshing smell. It feels amazing on face and left it feeling smooth and moisturized.


I haven't had the chance to try this yet but I love that when I do use I won't have to get it on my hands. I have the stick and growing up I hated using mosquito spray because I hated the smell and feel of it on my skin. This smells a lot better than the bug spray and it will moisturizer while keeping the bugs away!


Love having a bunch of options right in one place! I've loved everything I've tried from MadeOn! Wonderful products and customer service! You can't go wrong with anything you choose!

Great product!

I have peppermint, mocha, and natural right now with a few more different flavors on the way. Love the three I have now! Feels great on my lips, stays on forever and the scented ones smell wonderful! Peppermint is my favorite right now because it has a cooling effect and makes me think of Christmas. I have a feeling I will love the ones have on the way as much as I love these.

My heels look and feel great

I have been using Beesilk Lotion Bar on my heels twice a day. I wash my feet, lightly pumice the heels, dry and apply Beesilk. What a difference. I love this stuff!

love love love this company!!! Have never been disappointed!!!

We can't get enough hard lotion...each product is wonderful, customer service is tip top, and the informational email blasts make our day...wish we could give it ten stars...

Another great use for this product!

Where I live there are tons of mosquitos! They should be the state bird and of course they love me. I had one bite me tonight in the house. Usually I just leave the bites alone and they itch and swell and leave an itchy dot for a few days. I saw the beecool stick on my dresser and figured it wouldn't hurt to try it so I rubbed it on the bite and the itching stopped almost immediately and now I can't even tell where I was biten! Love finding products with multiply uses!


I read a review on this about someone putting it on her temples when she has a headache. I get headaches often and hate having to take pain reliever pills so I wanted to try this. It came in the mail today, I smelled it, and put it away. It smells good and like icey hot. I was hoping I wouldn't need it for a while but I got a headache tonight so I got to try it. i put just a small dab on my temples and within 10 minutes my headache was gone!! The few products I've tried from this company have been wonderful and work better than I could have imagined! I can't say enough good things about it! If you are on the fence about any product, don't be! Go ahead and try these products because you won't be disappointed!

Loved it!

Finally tried the Shampoo Bar. It didn't have tons of lather in my hand, just a little, but when I started shampooing, I could feel lots of lather in my hair. rinsed out really well, got that squeaky-clean sound. My hair was soft after drying. I will definitely keep using this bar.


I got the freebie bar to try and have been using it as an all over lotion. It has cleared up my psoriasis, stopped the itching, and my skin has never looked or felt better than it does now!


I tried a shampoo a few years ago and it was a terrible experience. I saw the sample and thought I'd give it try. After staring at it for a week I decided to give it a shot. I was nervous for nothing! It smells amazing and I saw just a small difference in the texture of my hair. I used a very small amount of conditioner the second day and I can't tell the difference between using my old shampoo and the shampoo bar! Love this product!

Miracle stick!

I've had psoriasis on my feet for 13 years. I purchased this and put it on as soon as it came in the mail and in less than 12 hours my feet were clear and the horrible itching had stopped! I've tried every product under the sun to get rid of my psoriasis and to stop the itching and this is the first and only product that has worked!


Not really liking the the lip balm

Love it

Especially love this product for hands and feet. Perfect to throw in your purse or keep in your desk drawer at work. The citrus is such a fresh scent, not overwhelming at all. I will be trying the lavender next!

Great Products, Great Customer Service

I and my Chinese Shar-Pei dog both benefited from the Beesilk hard lotion so much that I ordered more products to try such as Bug Block. Everything is fantastic and I plan to be a regular. My dog’s allergies mess up her skin around her eyes. The Bee Silk has healed it and doesn’t irritate her eyes at all! It has healed my heels. The Bug Block worked great on my skin when I walked her at the VA in the evening.. The customer service has been top notch.

Best dry skin sampler ❤️

I love all the products in the dry skin sampler!!! They stay on my skin for much longer than any lotion! I apply in the morning, throughout the day and before bed!!! I wake up not itching all over!!! I’m a customer forever!!!!

Color--good and lasts

I have been impressed with the color and how long it stays. Taste is just fine too. So glad to have something so natural to put on my lips.