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Frustrated that just because it's natural, it's not effective? The proof is in the thousands of reviews that claim that products with fewer than 5 ingredients can truly fix your skin. From dry, cracked, extreme dry skin, to baby rash, you don't have to resort to expensive or ineffective all-natural products that may or may not work.
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Frank and ylang

These are my favorite scent. I ran out of madeon’s hard lotion bars and regretted not having some on hand when my hands started to peel. I truly love these hard lotion bars! They are so soothing to my extremely dry and often very irritated hands!

Shea facial cream

I was having terrible trouble with my lips cracking and gettung red all around them when I do not lick my lips. I tried this and cleared up so fast. Now just use night and morning and lip balm in between. This is great! Can use other places besides face for dry skin. I love this product will definitely buy again.

Indented lip balm

Love all your lip balm. Have always had dry lips and nothing's better thsn your lip balm and great that all natural. It's the best lip balm out there

Peppermint lip balm

Best lip balm ever. Live the peppermint smooth cooling

Pleased and disappointed

The product itself is exactly what I wanted. Lotion without the plastic. I recommend getting a scented one however, this one is for people with sensitive skin perhaps, but the smell is not pleasant. My disappointment is the fact that I ordered this lotion for eco friendly reasons of reducing my plastic usage... but the tin can comes wrapped in plastic! So I advise anyone looking for less plastic to look somewhere else. Also, I contacted the company and they told me the refills have the option to come without plastic... overall, too much paper and too much plastic in packaging for this to be an eco-friendly product.

Great products

We received the rash cream and my daughter used it on her eczema that night. The next day she reported it was better. I have been using the hard lotion for my feet and they are so soft now, loving the products.

Ends dry skin

I live in a very dry area, and this makes my dry skin disappear.. Have gotten my daughter and granddaughters asking for it all the time.


After using the Shampoo Bar, this makes my hair soft. It only takes a little. I use it just on the ends.

Fuller hair

Love the way it makes my so much fuller. A little goes a long way, even with long hair.

Love the Heart Shaped Bee silk bar

Bee silk bar hard lotion easily melted in my hands to rub onto my body. It made my skin soft and non greasy. I also rubbed a little on my dogs tummy. She loved it. I like the Intrigue roll on bottle. It smells great. Love the smell of it and the ingredients.


Love the combination of oils.

Intrigue & Beesilk

Love the Intrigue, took a bit to get the oil to flow, but love the smell. The Beesilk love how it feels, would like a little more essential oil smell vs the beeswax. Great products!

MadeOn Products

I found MadeOn Products about 2 year's ago. I started using the hard lotion and continue using it. It does the trick with dry skin on my feet and hands and they all smell wonderful! I value this product so much, I give it as Christmas gifts and birthday gifts. I keep it on hand to give when people see me using it on my hands. Good stuff!
I also have the lavender roll-on. I use that on the back of my neck when I'm tired or muscles are tight. I also have given this as gifts to my Mom and a very good friend with MS, as just applying the roll-on on neck, wrists, anywhere to inhale the lavender, helps to soothe and relax.
Also, the rub-on sticks, especially the citrus I love. I went through an over 100 pounds weight loss which has left me with excess skin. The citrus stick has been awesome in keeping away rash and infection, mainly yeast from these areas.
All in all I have yet to use a product this wonderful family has lovingly produced that I don't like.
As I said above, Good Stuff! 😊

Love this facial cleansing bar

I love to use this facial cleansing bar because it doesn't leave my skin feeling tight and dry.

Love this lotion!

This lotion helps keep my cuticles from becoming dry and ragged. Love it! Plus it smells wonderful!

Excellent for bug bites!

We use this to treat the itching that comes with mosquito bites. One day I had several mosquito bites that had swollen to about the size of a nickel and the itching was intense. I didn't have any medications with me at the time to treat it. The MadeOn lotion bar was all I had in my purse, so I put it on, not really expecting much, but trying it because I just wanted some relief. Within a couple of minutes the itching had stopped and the swelling had gone down considerably. This is now our go-to for any kind of bite. It even worked to relieve the pain of bee stings for my daughter.

So easy to use!

Love the ease of using and carrying these sticks. Great product.

Lavender Soap

The Lavender bar soap smells amazing and has fun purple swirls throughout - such a delight for children! Rich, foamy lathers and leaves skin incredibly soft. I love to use this and follow with the Beesilk bar. My skin has never been better! Thank you!

We're loyal fans of Hard lotion since it helped clear my son's hands eczema years ago. They have maintained the high quality of their product consistently. Highly recommend it!

Smells fresh!

Wonderful fresh scent and lotion bar.

Bug Block

This is a nice product and it does work.....for alittle while. The lotion is great for the skin, but the effect of the essential oils doesn't last very long as the scent fades fairly quickly. Will continue to use it, though, as my hands love it.

Forgetful Me

Sorry, I forgot to review the lotion bar. I love it! So good for my hands.


I was not sure if this would work or not, but it did. I have had extremely dry and flaky skin on my chin for 4 or 5 years. In a matter of a few days, I noticed a huge difference with the lotion bar. I have been using it less than a week and I no longer have to worry about my chin getting flaky and itching all day! It is amazing!

Lavender Lotion Bar

Oh your products are so good. They work ,not greasy, NO CHEMICALS, YAY!!!!!!!!! THANKS

Love the lotion, scent of perfume not my favorite

Love the lotion, scent of perfume not my favorite.