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Frustrated that just because it's natural, it's not effective? The proof is in the thousands of reviews that claim that products with fewer than 5 ingredients can truly fix your skin. From dry, cracked, extreme dry skin, to baby rash, you don't have to resort to expensive or ineffective all-natural products that may or may not work.
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All of the MadeOn products are great. I pretty much use them all (rash cream/hair butter/junior bee silk) almost interchangeably. They certainly can all be used as skin lotions...but the Rash Cream is especially wonderful at skin conditioning because of the zinc. I still use it on my 9 year old daughter's back before bed when she is itchy/dry in winter. I use it on my hands and feet. Before bed, I sometimes use it on my face and neck in the wrinkly areas :) I love that there are only 3 or 4 ingredients in all of the MadeOn products! No way I am every using any other lotions anymore...they just creep me out with all their unknown and/or toxic ingredients!

Great Natural Lip Balm!

Goes on soft and smooth & has a nice, clean smell! Arrived in 3 days, which was sooner than I expected... :)

Great product

This lotion bar is so much better than those made with water. I love how if feels and makes my hands feel nourished.I like it on my face as well. I willbe ordering more when Icu out. Thank you for a great product, I cannot wait to try other products that you have.
Thank you!


Awesome cream

I have had bronchitis and pneumonia off and on since December. I have coughed continually. As a result of all the coughing, I developed a rash on my chest. The druggist recommended hydrocortisone cream. I did not know it was a steroid. After four days, my adrenal gland was shot! So I tried your rash cream. It was amazing! My rash is almost gone with no side effects. I will keep this on hand! I send the au chocolat bar during the day.

Au chocolat

These bars are awesome! I wish you carried it year round.! I had patches of dry skin on the front of my hands.Afer using the free sample I noticed a big difference in my skin. Now that I have the family bars my hands cleared up. I quit using the bar for a few days and the dryness started to return. Now I use it every night! I want to have this bar year round!!

diy lotion and lip balm kikt

love it !

Works Great!

No more painful split and bleeding thumbs. Thank you!

The best cleanser for my face!

With eczema, my skin will tear if rubbed or scraped. I take this Avocado Bar and rub in my hands with warm water then apply to my face...I can feel the tingling in my skin, then I rinse off with warm water and pat dry. Amazing bar for eczema sufferers ❤️ I do my lotion bar afterwards ❤️

Great way to try something new!

I love being able to try something new by requesting a "freebie"! I also keep the freebies in a basket of lotions and lip balms that we give to the homeless.

No more family crows feet

I purchased this as it sounded very intriguing and it was on sale too. Score! I began using it without too much expectation as I already use essential oils on my face but after a few weeks I noticed that the crows feet around my eyes that I had inherited was lessened. A little does go a long way which is bad news for the crows feet as I have enough to last a long, long time--and I know where to get more!

Beesilk is amazing

Really helped my elbows! Softens. Very good product.

5-Pack Beesilk Lotion Bars

I’ve recently discovered how wonderful Beesilk Lotion Bars are for the relief of dry skin. I have tried most lotions from the inexpensive to the highly expensive brands and have had poor results with all of them. One day while strolling threw the internet, I stumbled on MadeOn skin care. i figured, why not give it a try, as it turns out, my skin is healthier than ever! I highly recommend this to those with dry skin.

Loved it!

I loved that my hands didn't feel wierd. I thought they were going to at first but nope they felt great, and I could still open my door right after putting it on! Usually my hands slip and slide over the doorknob. Thank you for a great product.

I love the beesilk bars

Especially this time of year, the beesilk bars really help heal and prevent the dry and cracking skin on my hands.

Lip Balm Tinted

I'm loving this product.

Love it

I really like the peppermint

Pure and the real deal !

I love this product for my lotion bars !

Non drying cleanser

I really like this for nighttime face washing. Doesn't dry out but seems to clean any grime off from the day. A little goes a long way.

Shea facial emollient

I love this cream! I use a small amount before bed and the jar lasted a year. Great product especially during winter time.

LOVE this product!

This is my 3rd 0r 4th order. I now have one of the small BeeSilk bars in my purse, my bathroom, bedroom,office and my car. I am in the process of giving bars to my daughters & DILs, plus several friends & neighbors.

Perfect color

The tinted lip balm is perfect for just a little color. They make my lips soft. Other lip colors dry them out.


Love the scent.

Au Chocolat Lotion Bar

Tried it for the first time today and I think I may like it even more than the Bee Silk! Its super creamy and hydrating! #lotionbae ;)

Lotion bars

Had opportunity for a free sample by just paying postage. Received the small lotion bar (not a mini test sample) and lip balm.
Love them both! The lotion bar has saved my heels - they are as soft as though I've had a pedicure. I have since ordered the Junior Bee Silk and am enjoying using it too. Thank you for a product that is working well for me.

Great product

I have purchased BeeCool before and love it. It is always my go to for sore muscles. BeeSilk has helped my very dry feet look so much better! Highly recommend both products!

Subtle color, great protection!

I love my new copper tinted lip balm for days when I want to protect my lips but want a more natural appearance. My sister gave me a tube in a deeper tone that I also love. Highly recommended!

Works well w/ help

This soap alone wasn't exceptional on my face until I started using the raw silk noil washcloth. The combination is really nice. Soft, smooth, exfoliating!

Lavendar Lotion Bar

This was my first time using a lotion bar. Love the scent! Perfect purse size! Would buy again!

Beautifully soft

I love the scent and feel of these products.

My favorite!

During cold weather & flu season, my hands become so dry from washing constantly that my knuckles start to crack and bleed. My go-to for curing this situation is the Beesilk Jr. I love how it soothes my dry skin and goes on easily.

Daughter loves the rash cream

My daughter has mild eczema and the rash cream has worked better than the prescription cream her dermatologist prescribed. I love the peppermint lip balm - it smells great and works better than any other lip balm we have tried.

Love it!

I love every product in this package and I love that I was able to get them all in one kit. The rash cream is the only thing I will use in my daughter's diaper rashes. And with another little one on the way, I need to stock up. Thank you for wonderful products!

Perfect gift for LOVE Day!

The only reason I didn't give them a five star is because of the price. I waited until after V-Day to get mine. I just felt the price for two small hearts was too expensive to begin with. The sale price was just right. Thank you.

Lightly scented

The bar itself doesn't smell like roses much to me, although my hands do have a very light rose fragrance after using it. Has the same lovely protective qualities as the Bee Silk bar!

My husband says 'I like it!'

My husband was having problems with the skin on his face being dry and flaky after shaving. I bought him this soap (and a brush and bowl to go with it from Amazon) and started him using it. He has been very happy with the results. His face has quit itching and his beard is easier to shave because the natural shaving soap softens his beard for a better, closer shave.

Love the rose scent

I love the smell and feel of the rose scented hearts. They seem more light and creamy than the unscented bars and would love to see them in the larger sizes.

Never without it!

I LOVE the Beesilk Bar. It has made my hands soft and crack free this winter. I love sharing them too. Thank you for this product!


Great product! The rose hip oil emollient goes on smooth, leaves my face soft, and covers my dry skin spots. A bit greasy at first but wears off quickly, leaving healthy skin.

Absolute perfection!

I will not use any other lip balm after discovering these. They are the gold standard in lip care!

Goat Milk Soap

I love MadeOn soaps made with goat milk and unscented. Perfect for my skin.


I absolutely LOVE this shave soap!! I will never go back to store bought shaving cream. This bar has helped repair my skin from razor burn and ingrown hairs.

Scented Lip Balm - Chocolate Mint

I heartily recommend any of the MadeOn lip balms. They are my absolute favorite! They all smell/taste good, and if you don't like scents, the unscented still feels awesome on your lips. Nothing works better. I keep one or more everywhere, purse, car, work station, nightstand, bathroom, kitchen...literally everywhere.

What Fun!

I ordered the 10 empty lip balm tubes to make my own lip balm. What fun it is! I split it up and made several flavors and they turned out great! Try this. It would be fun to do with kids.

Beesilk Junior

I really like this product for ease in applying to smaller areas - for instance where my earlobe meets my neck it tends to "crack." I can easily get just enough product to rub in for relief from the Beesilk Junior. I like the smaller tin to keep handy in my purse. I seem to need it often in winter.

Heaven Sent

Outstanding products. Fantastic customer service. I’m so grateful to have found this healing balm for the eczema attacking my hands. This is bringing me relief where prescription medications have failed. Many heartfelt thanks to MadeOn!


It works great on my dry skin and love that it has so few ingredients!

Very smooth, great moisturizer

I have used this Shea butter as it is as face moisturizer for a long period of time, keep ordering it when I run out, great product as always.

Wonderful Lotion Bars!

The heart shaped bars easily melt so I can apply the lotion to my dry face and neck with eczema. It feels so good ❤️

Lip blam

Best & most natural. Highly recommended!

So soothing and locks in moisture!

I have extremely dry and sensitive skin - especially on my face. Yesterday I had just gotten home from a facial wax and tried my new Simply Shea Facial Emolient for the first time. It actually helped soothe my red, irritated skin. This morning my face still feels calm and moisturized. (I usually wake up feeling very dry from the electric heat in my condo, but not today!) I highly recommend it! Tip: pull your hair back away from your face before applying as it takes awhile to soak in - it was a good 30 minutes for me - and use at night. When they say it’s great as an overnight moisturizer, I would definitely agree! Thank you, Renee, for s wonderful product!