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Avocado Facial Cleansing Bar

Avocado Facial Cleansing Bar

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"The avocado facial cleansing bar leaves my skin clean and not dried out. I love the scent and texture." -Rebekka

LIMIT: 3 per order

Avocado oil has been used as a topical oil for skin conditions like psoriasis and in this facial cleansing soap, avocado puree is also added as a healthy fat to a nourishing soap.  The bar size is smaller than our regular bars of soap. 

Real avocado puree plus a recipe high in organic avocado oil combine for super skin nourishment. Made especially for the face.

Weight: 3.15 oz.

Ingredients: Organic avocado oil, organic coconut oil, organic extra virgin olive oil, raw goat milk, organic shea butter, organic avocado puree, raw honey, vitamin E.


  • Real avocado puree.
  • Avocado absorbs easily into deep skin tissue.
  • The natural color is due to retained chlorophyll of the real, ripe avocado in every bar.
  • The hand-size shape makes them easier to hold and pack for travel in your cosmetic case.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 140 reviews
Great facial cleanse1

I've never been a bar soap user until now. This cleansing bar lathers well and leaves my skin soft and ready to use the Simply Shea.

Facial Soap

My husband and I both use the avocado soap on our faces. It’s gentle, but good!

Jennifer Crawford
Avocado Face Bar

I really like this soap, I've used many cleansers, this one is gentle, smells fine & softens the skin. I'm using it in combo with the Simple Shea Facial Emollient, the recurring milia I had is now gone & my face is clear & soft. Great products!

Janice Huey
Avocado face bar

I’ve tried so many face cleansers, I love that it doesn’t have extra things it, the less the better. Thank you

Great facial soap bar

I really like this facial soap . It’s very gentle and moisturizing. I was a bit skeptical about trying it…I’m really glad I did.

Avocado Facial Bar

I was hesitant to try the avocado bar but am glad I did. Could not be happier with the results. Leaves face feeling clean and soft, no signs of dryness or flakiness.

Pattie Thomason

Unlike any other.


The soap has changed my skin from dry to soft in a matter of a few uses. Winter in WI is brutal on skin, and this soap has changed my skin entirely from dry, itchy and painful to being comfortable and soft agin.

Michelle M.
Love love love

Not only does the soap leave my skin feeling soft, it also seems to have stopped it from breaking out! This is literally the best soap for my face that I have ever tried. I’m back to order more!