Collection: Children/Sensitive Skin

best beeswax-based products for sensitive and baby skin by MadeOn

Sensitive skin needs to be treated delicately. Products listed on this page are purposefully scent-free, with a short ingredient list. All you need is just the right amount of nourishing butters and oils to get the job done.

Our rash cream is made with just 3 ingredients: zinc oxide, beeswax, and coconut oil. It helps to calm an angry rash, and helps to clear up a mild rash immediately. For babies wearing cloth diapers, this will not ruin the cloth. The cream absorbs into the skin, not the expensive diaper. One pain-free application and you'll notice a big difference.

Beesilk Jr is a softer version of our hard lotion bar, for sensitive skin that needs extra emollient care. It's a customer favorite for mild eczema and psoriasis.

Don't forget to follow up with our unscented goat milk soap. No fragrances means that delicate skin won't get aggravated by harsh detergents or unnecessary perfumes.