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Soap Saver Mesh Bag

Soap Saver Mesh Bag

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Lathers the soap amazingly well and doubles as a skin-scrubber" -Jonathan

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These beauties are functional, natural, and economical.

What is a mesh soap saver bag?

This multi-use bag works as an exfoliator, soap holder, and saves the small pieces of soap that are lost down the drain because they're too small to use.

What is the soap saver bag made out of?

The handcrafted bag is made from a plant-based fiber called "Sisal", scientifically known as agave sisalana. It has become increasingly popular recently as people opt for more sustainable alternatives to synthetic materials. 

How do I use it? 

Put your full-size bar of soap in the bag and use in the shower to gently scrub the skin. The material is soft and shouldn't irritate the skin. As the soap becomes smaller over time, simply add another bar to the bag and continue using. Use the drawstring that's part of the bag to hang and dry between use. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

LOVE them

A bit rough

This is a wonderful idea but I find it a bit too rough for using in the shower. It's ideal for getting a good lather for shaving

Soap mesh bag

Great for travel to transport bar and use as a body scrub.

Haven't used it yet but excited to.

Haven't used it yet but excited to.

Carol O
Soap Saver bag

I originally bought this for what's it's intended - putting soap ends or a full bar for safe keeping. I'm not one to use a washcloth but I've been converted after using this in the shower. This has just the right amount of texture for exfoliation without being scratchy. I have several of these bags now for regular soap and my avocado facial soap. Wouldn't be without!

Barbara E
Great Little Bag for Soap Remains

This little bag has a somewhat rough texture which is good for exfoliating elbows, legs and feet. I put soap remains in it and keep it in the shower.


I really love this little bag for my soap. It has just enough roughness to relieve winter itch and stimulates one's skin, waking it up. Happy morning.

Pattie Thomason

Works great.

Soap Bag - highly recommend

This bag is fantastic. My skin is loving the exfoliation it is getting every day! Wish I had bought one a long time ago.