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Foot Rub Lotion Stick

Foot Rub Lotion Stick

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Get all the benefits of our Beesilk stick, with added essential oils that will help fight foot odor and fungus.

Ingredients: beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter and essential oils of peppermint, tea tree and black pepper. 

To use, apply generously on the feet. and allow the lotion to absorb into the skin. For deep cracks and splits, rub in an extra amount at night and wear socks. By morning, notice the silky feel of smooth feet. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Carol Henderson
Awesome Foot Rub

I have been using this foot rub for a while now and absolutely love it. It leaves your feet soft and smooth and is a real treat for tired feet. I will continue to use this product.

Foot Rub Stick

I highly recommend this product for dry, cracked feet - works wonders and feels cool and refreshing on tired feet.

Carol O
RX for runner's calluses!

This is a product I will order over and over again ... I'm a runner with deep calluses on my feet. I put this on before my run and again after showering. The calluses aren't gone, lol, but without using this, I would have deep dry cracks on my heels, dryness on my toes and sole of my foot. Love the cooling peppermint as well - very refreshing!

Aaron Walker
My feet are soft as a baby's butt:-)

This is the BEST lotion for my feet I've ever seen before.

Tracey Witherspoon
Foot rub lotion

The best product I’ve used on my dry cracked heels! Sandal weather is approaching so I will be using this every day!! I need a super size tube!

Mrs Dane
A Treat for Dry Feet!

I love using this stick on my dry winter heels. I put it on every day after showering. The peppermint scent is wonderful and makes any pair of feet smell lovely!

Erin T.

I have only used this a few times and my heels feel so much better already! My feet get really hot, which I don't like (especially using lotion. So this is so much better, to put on my super dry patches :)


Since my heels were all dry and rough, I ordered the Foot Rub Lotion Stick. I used some other lotion for rough heels while I waited for the lotion stick to arrive, and it didn't do anything. But after two or three days of using the lotion stick, my heels were so much softer! It was amazing!

Darla Combs
Foot Rub

This stuff is wonderful! I soaked and used a pumice stone on my feet/heels especially. Then dried them off and used the foot rub lotion stick...amazing results. They looked so much better after just one application! This is definitely going to be something I will always keep in stock!