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Customer Reviews

Based on 303 reviews
Bill Smith
Gave it a try

I tried the Freebie bee silk bar & it seemed to help my skin. I then ordered some different products to try.

Deborah Gomez
Love Your Lotion Bar

So, I received a sample of the Beesilk lotion bar and I really like it. I have a problem with my hands getting very dry in the winter and spring and this is the answer that I've been looking for. I'm ordering a full size lotion bar so that I don't have to suffer with dry hands anymore.

Lisa G.
Lisa G.

I love the bar lotion! It has worked miracles on my feet!

Barbara Ernst
Beesilk bar and avocado face soap

We loved the beesilk bar. But the avocado soap really irritated my skin under my eyes. I’m allergic to bees, I think probably the beeswax after using for 2 days is what caused the redness and swelling. I have Very sensitive skin, and always have had a difficult time finding soaps, makeup,lotions that don’t irritate it.

Natural Lip Balm

I chose the natural lip balm as my freebie. First , I love that Renee offers this opportunity to try their products. Second, this lip balm is amazing. So moisturizing, non waxy, and doesn't need reapplied every hour. Very protective in cold, windy weather as well.

Deborah Coleman
Bee silk sample bar

Too much beeswax in the product. I found it hard to spread on skin. Also the sample was so small, that made it hard to spread.

Moisturizing Goat soap

I enjoy using this unscented Goat soap it feels good on my hands. They do not get dry like they do with other soaps.

Linda Weekley
Lotion Bar, Shampoo Bar, Lotion Stick &Lip Balm

I use the lip balm year round and really like it. The shampoo bar took a couple weeks for my hair to adjust to a bar and I also use an apple cider vinegar rinse along with it periodically. Since winter has rolled around, my skin is so dry and the lotion bar is a lifesaver for my hands and feet. I also use the Bee Silk stick on my face. The simple few natural ingredients in your products has kept me coming back so I don’t have to use other toxic products anymore. Thank you MadeOn!

A Blessing for Extremely Sensitive Skin

I first ordered the MadeOnSkinCare freebie after viewing a podcast of MTHFR Naturopath Dr. Amy Neuzil and Renee. I suffer from MTHFR and its benefits and challenges of it. Some of the challenges have to do with dry skin and hair. I am older, and found out in 2016 about the gene snips in my DNA. From that time forward I have been proactive in searching out, (I cannot tell you how many I have tried) even making my own products, so that they are natural and free from all the junk in skin care products. When I heard of MadeOn, I decided to try the freebie, then purchased the Jr. Bee Silk for sensitive skin, avocado facial soap and lip balm. I was sent a sample of the oatmeal soap too. I have tried each of these products with no skin reaction to date. I have benefited from the Bee Silk sample, as I have very dry cuticles on my thumbs and eyelids. We are farmers, so my hands are always in water & dirt. After using the Bee silk bar, I have noticed they are not chapping and splitting as they usually do. I also have cracks on my eyelids that have improved with the Jr. Bee Silk. I apply a light amount on each eyelid at night. I still have a small amount of flaky skin on each eyelid, but the redness has completely diminished. I have only been using this product about a week, so I look forward to seeing continued healing results. I am thrilled by the benefits of these products and plan to share them with my family and friends. I have ordered the large Bee Silk bar, as well as other products to try. Thank you so much for your dedication and talents in skin care! May you be richly blessed. {This is a link to a jpg photo of eczema eyelids similar to what I experience} YouTube video placeholder