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Beesilk Variety Package

Beesilk Variety Package

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "We've been using the lotion bars for a few weeks now and are loving them. They spread easily in warm hands, and the scent is very natural and pleasant."
Our flagship product comes in many forms, each with its own skin-saving benefit. 
  • Beesilk family size lotion bar in tin 
  • Beesilk family size refill pack (2 bars, no tin)
  • Beesilk pocket size lotion bar in tin 
  • Beesilk Jr. family size 
  • Beesilk Stick
  • Natural Lip Balm 

Ingredients: 76 degree coconut oil, unbleached beeswax, naturally refined shea butter.

Beesilk Hard Lotion Bar: When it comes to dry, cracked skin and fingers and heels that split and crack from hard work, the Beesilk hard lotion bar is your easy, long-lasting fix. No more greasy and smelly lotion necessary. This bar is scent-free, and is also free of preservatives and additives that can irritate the skin. Only 3 ingredients!

Solid at room temperature, the Beesilk hard lotion bar is designed to specifically protect and smooth over dry, cracked skin.

Beesilk Lotion Stick: Use as a spot treatment for mild skin conditions or extra dry skin

Beesilk Junior: When dealing with skin irritations on extra sensitive skin, Beesilk Junior is our recommended choice. Packed with shea butter, Beesilk Junior is the product of choice for delicate skin that doesn't need the intensity of hardness and protection that the Beesilk hard lotion bar provides (i.e., babies, young children, or those dealing with extreme skin issues). Beesilk Jr feels more like a lanolin, but with easy application. 

What's the difference? View it here:

Natural Lip Balm: Long-lasting, with lip-nourishing ingredients (beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter)


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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Julie Remington
Didn't Work Out

I bought the variety package.
It came quickly and I was very hopeful.
I first tried the lotion bar and stick.
I have circulation issues so the bar was leaving me with a tacky hand and legs. I found if I applied it and stood near a space heater it would absorb better and the tacky feeling was gone.
Next I tried the Junior one. I had no issues with this being absorb and applying it was quite easily done.
I haven't tried the lip balm yet.
I gave one of my daughters the lotion bars to try.
I will reccomend this product.


Gave a gifts at Christmas… I heard nothing but praise! I have dry hand, feet and legs. Helps keeps them moist and prevents the dry cracks!


Love it!

Linda Cromwell
Not ha[[y

I find the lotion very difficult to apply. I have placed it on heat vents to soften it without much success. I would not purchase it again.

Naomi Smith
Better than I could have imagined!!

I am blown away! I have had type 1 diabetes for 42 years and heal terribly. I scar and simple cuts take months to heal. And my feet are a disaster! But Bee Silk made my feet baby smooth in 4 overnight applications! No lie!!
I was looking for a replacement of a solid lotion bar that calmed and healed a scar on my neck. Bee Silk does that and so much more. So thankful to have found it!!!


Helped my cut heal fast. My dry hands were finally soft!

Variety Package

My favorite products for year round use! Love the Beesilk Jr for arms and legs and the Beesilk on hands.

Ernestine Conyers
LOVE this product

Have always had trouble with my hands and feet cracking and have finally found something that TRULY does work. Thanks for your outstanding product.

Emily K
Amazing lotion for dry skin!!

The beesilk is perfect for when my hands get over dry in the wintertime and then keeps them moisturized so they dont get bad again. The beesilk jr is great for my kids and the sensitive skin on inner arms and legs, the lip balm works well.