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It works!

I have tried so many things for my dry, cracked heels. This works so well. I put it on in the morning, slip my socks on and go about my day. My heels are the best they’ve been in a long time. I’ve ordered some for my mom and sister.

Susan S.
Magic Foot Rub

This is truly wonderful stuff…I had several deep abraded areas that were scarred, rough and still angry , my no show socks weren’t cushioning the area enough. So, I had just received my order from MadeOn and gave the Foot Rub a try. WOW! The first application was soothing to the scar tissue, and I used it for about 2 weeks every night…the scar tissue lightened, and healed to where they are no so noticeable. My heels and toes were getting a dab or two as well, so the skin is much softer and less calloused.


I love all MadeOn products. The Foot Rub Lotion Stick is healing, softening, and cooling.

Kathy Marshall
Simply Magic!

This foot rub is simply magic! I have NEVER had such great success with ANY other product or method to relieve my super dry (and cracked) feet!

PA said my feet smelled GREAT!

I am a diabetic, and on a recent trip to the doctor, his PA was checking my feet. She told me that my feet were very soft and smelled great! She had never told anyone their feet smelled great. :) I told her that I used Made On Foot Rub to keep athletes' foot away and keep my feet healthy which is a big concern for diabetics. Thank you for such a wonderful product!!

Awesome Foot Rub

I have been using this foot rub for a while now and absolutely love it. It leaves your feet soft and smooth and is a real treat for tired feet. I will continue to use this product.

Foot Rub Stick

I highly recommend this product for dry, cracked feet - works wonders and feels cool and refreshing on tired feet.

Carol O
RX for runner's calluses!

This is a product I will order over and over again ... I'm a runner with deep calluses on my feet. I put this on before my run and again after showering. The calluses aren't gone, lol, but without using this, I would have deep dry cracks on my heels, dryness on my toes and sole of my foot. Love the cooling peppermint as well - very refreshing!

Aaron Walker
My feet are soft as a baby's butt:-)

This is the BEST lotion for my feet I've ever seen before.