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Lynn Alexander
Beesilk junior

Love it, I keep it in my tote at work, as my hands dry out with working on materials.

Joann E
Awesome product

My hands and heels have never felt so soft and no longer dry / cracked. I bought one for my daughter-in-law so I am anxious for her to try, too. I would recommend this product.

My first crack free winter in 8 years

I mean it when I say I really never write reviews. But this product has been transformative for me. After 8 long winters of extremely painful bleeding cracks, usually two or three at different stages of healing on each hand, I have had an almost crack free winter this year since I started using Bee Silk. The few cracks I have gotten have been instantly soothed by the product and have healed quickly. I used to wear nitrile gloves most of the day to protect my cracked fingertips from painful contact with everything. Now I am free of that and I’m so grateful! Thank you!!

Bee Silk

Excellent product

Elya McKinley
Works amazing!

I bought this for all my kiddos and a few extra for gifts. This stuff is amazing and has healed our dry, cracked, winter skin. Plus this is the perfect size for traveling with!

Michael Caniglia
Bee lotion bar

I do like the bar, even though it's a little pricey. It does leave your skin feeling very soft and smooth once the lotion soaks in.

Vicki Lovett
Simple and smooth.

I’m always looking for a clean fragrance free hand lotion and this one is great. It’s very convenient to just grab the bar and roll around in your hands. I keep it in my kitchen for after cleaning and washing dishes. Absorbs right in with no greedy feeling.

Wonderful Product

I just received my order a few days ago and so far I love this product. It is so easy to use and doesn’t feel sticky..just smooth. I cut off a chunk of bar to have in my purse instead of a small hand cream that can leak all over and doesn’t last on my hands. So far so good….

Helen Lee

Beesilk is great for keeping my fingers from splitting as soon as it turns cold! It is also great for my feet. Love it❤️

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Lynn Alexander
Beesilk junior

Great for keeping in my purse or in the car for my dry hands.

Lori Leseur
great product

Love this product! Love the somewhat softer lotion, as I have mature skin.

Tina Foskey
Great lotion

This is easier to use than the Beesilk hard lotion. It does rub in easy on my heels and around my fingernails.


I have ordered the BeeSilk Junior before but this was my first time purchasing it with the lavender scent. I love it! The scent is so relaxing, I use it on my neck and temples before bed.

Beesilk Junior

I have buying products from MadeOn for many years now and never tried Junior (I always buy Bee Silk) - I love Junior especially now in the Midwest winter, it just soaks into my hands and takes the dry away! I highly recommend Beesilk Junior.

Rebecca Butler
Great size

I keep this one in my nightstand drawer to grab at night for last minute moisture…

My night-time hand ritual.

I use the Beesilk Jr. on my hands nearly every night so soothe and soften my hands overnight. I like the "softer" formula because it rubs in so easily. Sometimes I'll add a drop of two of my favorite EO as well.

Kasey V Farley
Bedside Must Have

I'm barefoot most of the day and wear Birkenstocks out and about. My kids have been making fun of my dry heals. Keep this on my nightstand and use it on my heals and hands before bed. What a difference!!

Sandra Abercrombie
Great for aging skin

I am now 70 years old and I have problems with my skin ripping easily on my arms. Just my arms, which makes no sense. The BEESILK JUNIOR easily spreads on my skin without the ripping that happens when I use the standard BEESILK. Don't get me wrong, I use the standard BEESILK on other parts of my body, but on my arms, the BEESILK JUNIOR works wonderful with no problems.