10 DO's and DON'Ts to Fix Your Dry Skin for Good

Winter for many of us, this means dry, winter skin.

You KNOW you have dry skin when:
  1. your sweater snags on the tiny open cuts in your fingers (ouch!)
  2. you have more bandages on your fingers than rings
  3. people offer you a tube of Chapstick when you talk to them
  4. your legs resemble the skin of alligators and your elbows look like "elephant skin"
  5. you no longer enjoy slicing lemons - too painful!

I totally get it!

But in addition to using Beesilk hard lotion bars, did you know that you can fix your naturally dry skin by implementing even just a few of these into your lifestyle? Check them out:

10 Do's and Don'ts to Fix Your Problematic Skin FOR GOOD!

1. DON'T use lotions that contain water. Water can take up 80% of a lotion product! Added water = added unhealthy preservatives.

2. DO use skin care with pure ingredients, like healthy oils and butters, that nourish the skin.
3. DON'T take hot showers. It dries out the skin and can leave it feeling itchy.

4. DO wash with goat milk soap instead of regular soap. Regular soap contains detergents that can strip the skin of natural oils.

5. DON'T use products containing synthetic fragrances. Many are made of hundreds of ingredients not listed on the label. (Essential oil scented products are much better for you, like our scented lotion bars!)

6. DO look for products that contain beeswax. It binds the nourishing ingredients together and lasts longer in the skin.
7. DON'T eat foods that aggravate the skin, especially if you have eczema: top offenders are dairy, wheat and eggs.

8. DO recognize that STRESS affects the skin. Take mindful action to manage the stress in your life.

9. DON'T use steroids! They thin the skin and frequent use only addresses the symptom of a more serious underlying problem.

10. DO look for safe skin care ingredients to heal the skin: beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter, zinc oxide, essential oils... Find them all here.
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