11 Natural Skin Care Tips To Fix Stubborn Skin Problems

From ingrown hairs to stretch marks to hormonal acne... 

You could find a cream, or a prescription, or an expensive surgery, to take care of these annoying skin problems. 

But let's think long term - if you work from the inside out, taking care of some of the issues on the inside may very well fix the problem on the outside of the body. 

Adele McConnell is the owner of a skincare line with a background in Nursing and Beauty, who specializes in teenage and adult acne. Here are suggestions made  in her ebook called Stripped Bare Clear Skin Program:

Common Problem Skin Questions & Answers

• Dull skin? What’s inside your body will show.

• Heavy circles under the eyes? This is generally a lifestyle and diet-related symptom.

• Ingrown hairs? Shaving and waxing often cause them. The solution is to exfoliate regularly.

• Stretch marks? Massage the area regularly with an oil of your choice, especially during periods of growth.

• Stubborn blackheads? The best treatment is prevention.

• Oily T-zone? Stop over-cleansing and swap cleansers. Dehydration is actually the #2 cause of oily skin.

• Hormonal acne? Be kind to yourself and keep up your gentle cleansing regime and healthy skin habits.

• Coconut oil + shade is her go-to natural sunscreen.

• Eczema/dermatitis? Gut health is tantamount here.

• Older skin and broken capillaries? Rosehip oil is magic for older skin, and the best treatment for broken capillaries is prevention.

• Scarring? The remedy varies depending on the situation, though calendula reduces inflammation.


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