2019: Ten Years in the Lotion Bar Business!

February 2019 marked 10 years for us as a business.

During that time span, we've shipped out tens of thousands of lotion bars. 

We've taught several hundred people how to make their own lotion bars, using our recipe.

The hard lotion bar recipe we use has been shared on countless blogs and Pinterest boards. 

Why did we pass that information on? Because I know first-hand (no pun intended!) how effective the hard lotion bar was for my dry skin, and I wanted to make sure that those who have tried:

  • bandages
  • greasy balms
  • messy lotions
  • overnight gloves
  • even prescription drugs
would know that the answer to their extreme dry skin would come in the form of 3 ingredients: beeswax, shea butter and coconut oil.  It obviously worked! It's been shared and talked about all over the internet.

I never expected we'd be where we are today. Thinking back, our business story is a lot like my marriage.

It reminds me of when I first met my husband:  
  • We were initially connected through family (aha! word-of-mouth marketing... just like our business).
  • We corresponded primarily by email because I lived near Los Angeles and he lived near Portland.  (just like MadeOn - we live miles away from our customers). 
  • But once we were together, it was a match made in heaven (just like getting your first Beesilk lotion bar into your dry, cracked skin, right?)
  • Twenty-four years and nine children later, we're still going strong (way more than nine products later, we're continuing to grow!)
None of that could have happened if we didn't take a risk, albeit a very careful and calculated risk. But still, a risk. 

If you're reading this, you also took a risk with us. To allow us to talk to you by email was that first risky step you took, and for that, I'm forever grateful! 

From my entire family to you: THANK YOU. 
Here's our family back in 2012 (before our youngest was born). Most of the children shown here have since become entrepreneurs!
MadeOn Family Photo 2012
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