7 Tips for Caregivers Using MadeOn Skin Care

I received this very special email over the weekend that is so meaningful, I need to share it.

Especially since this customer writes about the loss of her mother, and how she was able to make her final days a little bit more comfortable.

I'll leave a few tips at the end for those of you who may have a loved one dealing with illness and pain.

Here's a note from Stephanie:

"In 2018, my mom died as the result of a recurrence of breast cancer. In the weeks before she died, she was hospitalized for treatment.

The hand soap in my mom's hospital room was very drying, and she hated the smell. As a cancer patient, my mom was super sensitive to smells, especially strong scents.

Luckily, I had tucked a pocket-size Lavender BeeSilk bar into her toiletry bag (the perfect size for travel), and I'd apply it to her hands after every handwashing.

My mom loved the subtle scent...but it also covered the 'sterile' smell, and it made her 74-year old skin feel nourished and soft.

This simple act of me and my daughter gently rubbing it on her hands, during her final days, was a wonderful way to show love and support through touch.

(Here's a picture of me, my then 11-yo daughter, and my mom all holding hands from that time...all BeeSilk bar users)."

3 generations of madeon beesilk lotion bar users

7 Tips for Using MadeOn Products as a Caregiver

  1. Stephanie already mentioned this but the simple act of gently rubbing a lotion bar into the loved ones' hands is nourishing for both the mind and the skin.
  2. Use a scented lotion bar that the patient enjoys (Frank & Ylang or Lavender would be my suggestions).
  3. See if the staff will allow you to use a goat milk soap like our Milk & Honey soap instead of the hospital soap, which is extremely drying to the skin.
  4. If they can handle the menthol action of BeeCool, rub it on aching or tired muscles.
  5. Patients are prone to rash from staying in one position for too long. Apply Simply Soothing as soon as a rash appears.
  6. People underestimate the side effects of so many prescription drugs, many of which drastically affect the condition of the skin. Keep Beesilk Jr handy for any skin condition side effect.
  7. A quick way to apply Beesilk to very damaged skin that should not be rubbed is to cut a piece of the Beesilk bar and melt it slightly. Use a pastry brush to gently "brush" the warm mixture onto the skin.


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