A Review of Beesilk hard lotion bars by Jenn (including before and after photos)

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Jenn of Only a Mere Woman (read the full review here)

The backs of my hands often become so dry in the winter that they crack and are very painful. I'd tried many lotions, both conventional and otherwise, and hadn't found any to be effective. The fragrance in conventional lotion often bothers my eyes, and the natural products left my hands feeling greasy/oily (I really really don't like feeling like my skin is greasy or oily), and just weren't effective. However, I've noticed different bases (shea butter, coconut oil, cocoa butter, etc.) seem to produce different results for different people, and figured I just hadn't found the right formulation for me. Turns out I was right.

I became aware of MadeOn through the newsletter from Katie Kimball of Kitchen Stewardship. I decided to give the travel box a try. It came with a pocket-size original Beesilk bar, a small shampoo bar, and original scent Beesilk lip balm. I also bought a few pocket-size scented lotions to give as gifts. The hard lotions come in little tins with hinged lids, wrapped in paper. The original scent has a light honey fragrance due to the high-quality unbleached beeswax used. The other ingredients are coconut oil and naturally refined shea butter. Since I also don't like the feel of lotion on my palms, I held the bar in the paper and rubbed it on the backs of my hands. I was relieved to find it was immediately soothing, not greasy, and then I went to bed. By morning my hands looked and felt as though they hadn't been dry at all the night before. Results obviously vary on how frequently one applies, but I was super impressed with how quickly I experienced relief.

Jenn's Before and After photos with using Beesilk:

Before during and after skin photos using Beesilk hard lotion bars

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