BeeCool helps with arthritis and muscle pain

As an avid knitter, Kathleen uses BeeCool for her hands, especially when the arthritis sets in.

She says BeeCool is her favorite MadeOn product because it helped her knees immensely while she waited for a knee replacement surgery because she could get relief from BeeCool until the surgery could be scheduled. 

She prefers BeeCool over the medication the doctors gave her because she trusts the ingredients in it. Listen to her rave review:

What's the best skin care ingredient for arthritic pain?

Menthol is hands down one of the best ingredients for arthritic pain. It creates cooling sensations and temporary pain relief. It penetrates quickly to relieve pain.  The cooling and soothing sensation can be very relieving.

If you're experiencing symptoms like redness, warmth, and swelling, look for something with anti-inflammatory properties like menthol and peppermint, which are both ingredients in our BeeCool Muscle Rub.

Can menthol and peppermint oil help with respiratory issues?

Peppermint oil is highly effective at relaxing muscles in your nasal passages and helping to clear out the muck and pollen from your respiratory tract during allergy season.

Products that contain menthol provide tremendous relief for symptoms of congestion, upper respiratory problems, sore throat and coughs. In fact, most lozenges, cough drops, and respiratory balms will list menthol as the chief ingredient. 

Both ingredients are an active component of our BeeCool Stick

In what products do you find menthol?

  • In nonprescription products for short-term relief of minor sore throat and minor mouth or throat irritation.
  • In an antipruritic to reduce itching.
  • In a topical analgesic used to relieve minor aches and pains, including muscle cramps and headaches.
  • In decongestants for chest and sinuses.
  • In aftershave products to relieve razor burn.
  • In mouthwash, toothpaste, mouth and tongue sprays.

What other ailments can BeeCool help with?

The menthol and peppermint in our BeeCool stick also helps with: 

  • migraines
  • muscle soreness
  • respiratory issues
  • cramps
  • neuropathy
  • congestion


This works! I have arthritis in every joint and have had surgeries for it. I've tried every cream, gel and med for it. After an inactive time during the lockdown, I decided to resume gardening. Of course, I overdid it. BeeCool works! - Maureen

Instant Relief This muscle balm gives you instant relief. Not to mention that the smell is not overwhelming and it leaves NO greasy residue. Love it!! -Karen

Amazing little stick. I love this Bee Cool stick. I start to panic if I'm running low. It works wonders on sore muscles and relieves muscle cramps very quickly. -Marcia


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