Baby got eczema? Try Beesilk Jr.

Is Beesilk Jr right for your family?

What's the best product for baby or child eczema?

Rochelle writes: "My 8-year-old has suffered from eczema since he was a baby and we have tried many, many store-bought lotions on top of his steroid cream. They worked well enough but the flare-ups were frequent. Ever since using the Bee Silk Junior for almost 2 months, the flare-ups have been scarce. My son even says it doesn't burn his skin, unlike the store- bought lotions. We are VERY pleased, especially my son :) "

The problem with trying all kinds of products is that you don't really know if there are other ingredients in the product that might be irritating the skin. Parfum, for example, might be included to get the 8-year-old willing to try it (with a pleasant scent to entice), but the very parfum fragrance may sting or irritate the skin rather than fix it. 

When we first started making our Beesilk lotion bars, it was to help relieve not just dry skin, but mild eczema. It worked extremely well with our 12-year-old son's skin and as more and more people became aware of the product, the more people were able to benefit from it. 

But we lacked an eczema product specifically for babies and children. 

How Beesilk works for conquering eczema:

3 ingredients: beeswax, shea butter and coconut oil.

The shea butter is the one ingredient that has shown to help with eczema the best. The coconut oil helps absorb the shea butter into the skin because it's absorbs on contact. The beeswax locks in the other two ingredients for long-lasting relief. Together, those three do the job. But how can we help the younger audience with this product? 

Q: The Beesilk hard lotion bar and Beesilk Jr have the same ingredients.... what's the difference?

A: Beeswax... the amount, that is.

After a few years of selling our flagship Beesilk hard lotion bar product, we had some customers ask if we could create something that worked just as well as the bar, but could be more easily applied to a child's delicate skin.

Beesilk Jr to the rescue! I lessened the amount of beeswax to create a softer texture and increased the shea butter since this ingredient proved itself as the one most effective for treating symptoms like rash, dryness, and irritation.

The ingredients are the same, the amounts are different.

That was in 2012. Beesilk Jr continues to be a best-seller.

Who benefits from Beesilk Jr?

1.) It's for the child who needs help applying lotion to his/her skin. 

Jessica in MI: "I love the hard lotion but sometimes my little one does not want to sit still long enough for me to apply it. That is why I love the Beesilk Jr because it is easier to apply and still has the same great ingredients."

2.) It's for those who prefer to try something natural before resorting to harsh skin treatment protocols.

Lisa in VA: "I've always wanted to try this product but after we figured out what was causing my child's eczema, we didn't have a need for it. When my child's eczema returned as patches on her legs this summer, her usual lotion was not helping, so I ordered this immediately. This product reduced the dryness and redness from her patches (but the patches are still visible and she still scratches them). I didn't have to apply it as often. My child liked this lotion because it doesn't burn or sting her skin. It took us about two weeks to finish this product (using it daily, two or three times mostly on her legs and arms)."

3.) It's for patches of skin that need a softer application.

RJ in IN: "I am using this lotion on my face during the dry winter months. It's a bit harder than I expected after watching Renee's video, but it provides an all-day, long-lasting moisturizer during my 13 hour work days. It leaves my skin feeling hydrated and soft to the touch, as well as improving my skin's radiance and tone." {Renee's note: the hardness is due to the cooler winter temps. The same tin will be soft like the one in the video during the warmer months}

4.) It's for the mom who plans to snatch her baby's lotion for herself.

Grace from IL: "I'm stocking up on baby supplies before the arrival of our first child. The beesilk Jr felt so good that I started using it myself and now have to order more for the baby!"


Here's a video my husband and I put together when we first launched Beesilk Jr. Meet our daughter, Johanna. In the video, we explain the use and texture of Beesilk Jr.  In the video, the emollient is soft the point of creamy. During the warmer months of the year, this is how the emollient will be. In cooler temperatures, expect a slightly more firm emollient.

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