Best treatment for dry skin (hands and feet)

A routine for fixing dry hands

"I have extremely dry hands. Which product would you recommend that I could take to work that is the easiest to apply? Also, which would you recommend for at home? Thank you!"

My Answer:
In both cases, I would answer the Beesilk Lotion Bar - we do have a pocket size which would be perfect for the purse or desk.

Here's what I would do, for extra dry skin

  1. Apply the bar generously at night. If you continually rub it in while doing something like watching a show, you'll get a good amount fully absorbed before bedtime. By morning you'll feel a noticeable difference. (Great to do this for the feet, too)
  2. Right before leaving for work, apply again, but not as generously as the night before.
  3. You probably won't need to apply at all during the work day, but if they do feel dry, apply a small amount while on break. For most people, the bar absorbs right into the skin without any residue. For some, however, it may feel a little bit greasy at first.
  4. Keep a bar by your bedside to remind you to apply, and at work or in your purse when you're out and about. You'll quickly learn when it's best to apply it, but the bigger job will be to remember to do it!
Here's where to find the bar. Use the drop-down menu to choose the sizes, including refills:

For dry legs:

If you have a larger body mass that needs dry skin relief (arms/legs), use our Beesilk Jr, which is softer and easier to apply. 

What people say:
beesilk 5 stars Sarah in WA
" I love this stuff for dry patches. I keep it in my drawer at school and that way my son and I can both use it before or after school. It's silky smooth!"
beesilk 5 starsJ Jacques in NC
"Been ordering this product for years and still loving it. Does wonders for my dry heels, nothing else comes close to repairing the cracks and dry skin."
beesilk lotion bars for dry skin
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