Coach Kerry answers your health questions

Kerry is a  Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, a National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach, and owner of Root Cause Coach.

She's been my coach for a couple of years.

Many of your skin conditions can be traced to a root cause, but how do you find out exactly what it is? 

I asked our MadeOn customers to share some of their questions with us. Watch the video below for some answers:

"My husband developed a skin issue several years ago. The best I can recall it was within the first year or so after our son was born--so maybe stress was the cause (many sleepless nights!) After trying a few special soaps (charcoal, etc.) he finally went to see a dermatologist who gave him a list of things like clindamycin, cetaphil cleanser and differin gel which he used for months. Nothing has caused an improvement."

"Any recommendations for cellulitus infections/rash? I have an elderly relative that frequently has issues with this. She reacts to every antibiotic she is given, and honestly - she would rather handle it naturally anyway. She has problems with getting rough infections in her skin so very often. The soreness and swelling that go with it is very hard on this lady."
"Two things with my son. A pink dry spot just above his upper lip. It got infected and turned to impetigo. We had to treat it with antibiotic ointment and it went away no problem. But the dry spot is still there. Other thing with him is a major lack of focus at school. He has Down syndrome but seems even more unfocused than other kids with special needs. Has celiac so he is on gluten free diet. Didn't make a difference with lack of focus. :("
"For some history, I'm 55. I had breast cancer in 2019 with 18 rounds of chemo, 2 surgeries, 6 weeks of radiation and then more infusions lasting until April 2020. I am now taking Letrozole. Now, my elbows (in the funny bond area) are swollen and are very sensitive especially when I wake up in the morning. I have completely changed how and what I eat starting with the Whole30 program last April and again in January, and I try to continue with an anti inflammatory diet but it doesn't seem to make a difference. Any ideas?"
Note: Kerry is NOT a doctor and while she works alongside functional medicine doctors, she is not a doctor herself. Consult your physician for answers for your specific questions. Kerry can help provide some topics you should be discussing with your doctor. 
Listen in for some answers to your questions:
Minutes 0-5:40  Kerry shares what her role is as a coach and what to expect
Minute 5:45  Celiac: if you have Celiac Disease, you definitely have to be vigilant about avoiding gluten. Ingredient-watching is crucial. Kerry has some tips for that.
Minute 12:33 Cancer patients. Even if you've "tried all the things", you can also discuss side effects of the drugs prescribed if you're still feeling horrible. Some good people to follow regarding cancer treatment are Chris Ward and the Bolingers
Minute 15:55 Stress and the skin: do not underestimate the power of stress on your skin
Minute 19:53 Dealing with parasites
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